A Sunbeam to Warm you, A Moonbeam to Charm You, A Sheltering Angel, That Nothing May Harm You

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sorry it has been so long, but everything is going very well. Johnny is kicken and happy and healthy. Our next appointment is on the 8th and there at 35 weeks we start going weekly. I am getting more and more afraid of labor. Not of the pain or of the work, but of doing something wrong. I am reading a lot and Pops and I are attending classes, I think I won't be comfortable until it is over and I am holding that tiny buddle in my arms.

We had a wonderful shower last week at Aunt Sue's house in Ohio. We had a lot of fun and everyone was so generous. Johnny is pretty set up now thanks to our thoughtful family and friends. You always feel like there is more you need, but in reality we have bottles and diapers (though we are still confused and have two separate systems) cloths and a crib.

On May 4th at St. Basil's the Great in Brecksville Ohio Johnny will be baptised. My Aunt Cookie is helping us set it up. Aunt Natalie, Uncle Tommy, and Chrissy will be his godparents. We feel very blessed and very excited about this special blessing for Johnny and him having so many people in his life that are there to love him and lead him, towards whatever path he wants.

There is always more to tell. Everyday is a new adventure. I feel huge and every night I laugh at my elephant ankles. I have to use a body pillow and 4 regular pillows to support this adorable 5 pound parasite. My hips ache, my back hurts, I am tired all the time and I have never felt so excited in my life :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Merry Christmas to all. Christmas was a nice as it could have been for us. During family time and opening presents Shawn was on line with us and involved as he could be. It was nice. He found a new method of calling so we where able to talk longer and more often.

The holidays are over and we are very excited. With the start of the new year Johnny's birth is closer then ever. I have begun reorganizing and setting up closets for Johnny. Our birthing classes start next week and the baby shower is in two weeks. All of a sudden we are really having a baby in just two months!!!!!!

Over the holidays Shawn got word that he is coming home from Iraq a full month early. He expects to be back in the states in the first half of the month of April. He is going to set up the house in Kansas and then come to Maryland to fetch Johnny and me to take us home. We are looking forward to our first Mother's Day in Maryland and settling together as a complete family.