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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Caramel Apples

Mommy did all of the hot work. Johnny stuck the sticks into the apples (then Momma straighten them after the first time the stick popped out of the apple while in the pot of caramel) then Mommy rolled the apples in the caramel and the kids had a blast dumping some sprinkles onto them.
"Look what I did Momma!!"

I just love it when she smiles like that, melts my heart! Check out those 8 teeth!

I can't count the millions on pictures I have of Johnny smiling like this, and I treasure each one!

Ahh I think I see a bath in our immediate future!

I love this fall tradition and I think the kids loved it too! Daddy has been gone for 12 days at training, so we have been keeping busy and only a few days till he comes home!