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Friday, November 28, 2008

First Black Friday

Our First Little Snow (it as was all gone by the time we got to the stores)

But it was fun to get all bundled up and cute!!

Crazy Mall

Singing Carols?

To follow is our baby fashion show of what we bought today, which was hard to get Johnny to sit still for, as you see.

Our day was wonderful!!! We drove to Tapica and went to the local mall. I love this tradition, it is really a chance to feel the Christmas spirit. I found the local radio station playing nothing but Christmas music and now we are watching our Christmas movies. I feel so great to be in the Christmas season, especially with Johnny here. Our holidays will never be the same and for the better we are adding new traditions to our old. However finding Baby's First Christmas cloths in 12-18 months is not easy, however we did find some!! I wonder how many people picked up the Baby's First Christmas onze in 18 months and laughed, we cheered!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

John Robert's First Thanksgiving!!!

Daddy thought this was hilarious.



Momma Helpen Johnny get ready

Shawn and our friend Jerome who shared this with us.

John Robert's First bite of Mash potatoes and Turkey!!!

Oh what a mess.

Using both and spoon and fork, never mind it is the wrong end he has in his mouth.


What are you thankful for?

This year amongst all of our blessings, I am thankful for...

The Years of Pregnant Dennisons
Many Healthy Babies Given to Those I love, so I can Love them
Orders to Maryland, and home awaiting us
4 years in one place, together
Tom the Turkey and our bent pan
Love, and the happiness I found 5 years ago
Penneys from Heaven
Family and Friends all across the country
Unending support from every angel and through everything

But Most of all we are thankful for Baby Blues whose heart beats and lungs breath, who wants to cuddle all the time and smiles when you walk into a room. Laughs uncontrollably when you tickle his feet and pulls on your pants to be picked up. Who I love more then I ever thought I could, tears fill my eyes when think of how just looking at him I am a better person and my life and my heart grow to make room for love and happiness every day....

what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daddy's Fault

So Daddy decided to feed Johnny his lunch, carrots and chicken....Here is how the conversation went...

"Monkey stop putting cheerios in your mouth and look at this spoon I have," Daddy says to Johnny.

Mommy says back, "Self feeding is more gratifying at his age."

and the insanity ensued...it was in his hair and his eyebrows!

Monday, November 24, 2008


On more then a few occasions (or time per day) Johnny has decided that Mommy's books belong on the floor...only Mommy's. Notice his shelf right below is full and he can't reach Daddy's.

I don't know why he isn't wearing any pants in the above picture...I blame Shawn

He has decided to move right along, cruisen around the furniture.

Worken on it

Shawn's days are his own to work on his clearing!!!! Doesn't mean any time off, just lots of running around and paper work! Less then three weeks. He is going to transportation this morning to get our household good pick up date and from there we can make the official dates to be on our way!!

Johnny is dancing to Alvin and the Chipmunks!! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting cold

Getting cold so the giraffe comes out, to keep the little toes and ears warm and toasty :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PCS lunch

One of John Robert's afternoon snacks, we have been trying to make sure he has lots of freedom, he loves to search and discover and look through anything, so he also makes a mess!!

LT (Shawn's platoon leader) always loves playing with Johnny and he loves smiling at her

Speak no evil....?

It looks like every the next 20 days will be crazy!!!! But we will be out of here in time!!! Friday is Shawn's last day at work...holy crap!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So we got word this morning that there is no stopping the move...Shawn has his orders in hand and we can get going with all of this. Apperantly I didn't understand up until this point it could have been revoked...but now we are on our way to APG!! The unit is having a good bye lunch for us tomorrow and hopefully this will be his last week working there. This early report date has thrown us all for a loop.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


He can do it!!!! Three times today, he can officially pull himself up!! I feel my whole world changing.

Christmas pictures taken at home

So we thought we would try to take our Christmas pictures at home....

we are going to sears tomorrow :)


We have been accepted into the Sears Heroes at Home Holiday Gift Wish List.


This means as a military family we will receive a gift card from sears and people all over the world are donating money to sears. On the 26th of November and the 30 of December money will be put on it from the donations. Making it easier for us to buy Christmas gifts!!!! This really helps us, with the move coming up and wanting to give Johnny a GREAT first Christmas!!! Plus we can save the last one and maybe have a little money to help set up the new house!!! Two deployments and moving every 2 years as a military family....everything is falling into place.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Crawling more

so out of the blue today Johnny got up on his knees are started crawling!! Normal crawling, I was happy with the low crawl, but he wasn't. Only a few steps, but he is well on his way...I couldn't get him to do it again for the camera, he just look at me and smile :) now he is napping, will try again later.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Look at him go!!!! Johnny has decided this is how is going to crawl...soldier or not :) He has been doing this for a month now. He no longer really tires to get up on his knees to crawl, now he is trying to stand at every chance, if he does or doesn't have something to pull up on. He gets frustrated being on the floor, he wants to stand!!

Does/did anyone else have a child who low crawled only?

look at how we have grown

Dose that look like some one we all know? hummm I wonder....some times I can't deciede...Ella or Johnny? But aren't we cute eaither way? That is Momma (jen) and Grams when Momma was as old as Johnny is now. The funny thing, my eyes went automatically to that rug on the floor that I remember we had for years...I used to pretend little people walked around the details...strange things the mind of a child remembers :)

by the way...gas is $1.95 here and Shawn has a one day work week (24 hour duty tomorrow, but still only one day this week)

Monday, November 10, 2008


His toy box which sit in the living room, he knows just where to go

Crawling into his toy box

Oh LOOK, I don't know how to go around, so I will go over to get this one block, even though there are 20 more just like in the box that I went over.

Really I didn't make this mess....daddy did it :)

Standing with one hand supported!!!!! He stood like this great until he wanted something on the floor, so he plopped back down. This picture is weird for me...it looks like a baby standing, but I know he is big enough :)

this is our little secret :) He doesn't know yet how to pull himself up...but he is getting very very close!!

Ignore the boxes and cushions we are organizing and cleaning to move, thank you :)

He is offically too big for his swing, when he sits in it his butt comes one inch from the floor and he no longer puts up with the bouncer, he is mobile and wants to stay that way. Just in time for Baby Wyatt to inherit/borrow both!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

No more lump

So there is so much going on and nothing at all. We have a very nice 5 day week end, but we have been trying to stay in and get the house ready for the move. So we have had three days of sitting around watching our little monkey get up the nerve to crawl and try to pull himself up on us and the table. But more importantly we have had a lot of really great family time. Just the three us laughing and rolling around on the floor.

Yesterday I got a call I had been anxiously awaiting for 2 days...Baby Kat was born via a lot of hard work by her momma. I have heard she is beautiful and healthy and as I was getting off the phone with Tara (Kat's mom) they where wheeling Kat into her room, and Tara started to cry. I thought to myself how sweet to be so over whelmed with love for the new life you created, and I was sad, sad that I miss my friend, sad that I won't get to meet Kat for months yet, and sad that my days on lumpness are gone. My monkey swings through the house on endless energy and grabs what ever is with in reach, tries to roll off the bed as you are changing his diaper and is constantly getting into everything!!!! Then I looked at my monkey with tears in my eyes, and his little butt was in the air, on all fours and rocking trying to take that first crawl, magically his eyes caught sight of the yellow cylinder (his most favorite block) he looked at me and smiled as he flopped on his belly and in seconds was on his back with the block in his mouth babbling away. It probably doesn't sound like much, but I couldn't stop from bawling. I don't have a lump, but I have Monkey and he always takes my breath away with the most beautiful smiles that brighten up the world and the most contagious giggles and take me in fits. No matter how old they get, (listen to me, as if I have been a mom for more then 8 months) that overwhelming urge to love them never goes away. So to Tara and Tim, new parents to a wonderful little girl...congratulations, all our hearts are with you, we miss you and great job we are so proud to know you all, but really and truly the best is yet to come!!! Every day is better then the last!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing today

Climbing mount Daddy, for no more reason then he can :)

Our attempt at getting him to talk for all of you..instead you get to see him tactfully put his own pacifier in his mouth, no help!!

Johnny has been extra fun lately!!! He wants attention and will yell and wine until he gets it, but when he does he is all smiles and giggles at everything you do. Daddy and me both got on the floor with him this evening to play...he didn't know what to do with both of us right there. He contented himself with holding both our hands and smiling :) He didn't even need to play. It was nice But then we got him, and tickled and laughed and it was wonderful. He really has been getting excited when either one of us enter a room. Last night Shawn brought him to me to say good night and the moment he saw me he flailed his body and smiled so big that is pacifier fell out of his mouth...it made my heart skip a beat. He is a good boy.

I can't help but wait for the bottom to fall out of our boat. Johnny is so wonderfully healthy and happy, Shawn won't be getting deployed again (tears...can't help it) AND we are moving home...not to mention babies galore all around being born... (speaking of which...Baby Kat is coming into this world any minute and we can't wait to hear) Just saying it all seems to be working out too well...now if I could just loss the rest of this weight and pack th house smoothly :) Look at me always asking for more.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Johnny took his first dose of Zyrtic the night before last and slept through the night, I mean all the way through the night, from 8pm to 4 am!!!! Last night I didn't give him the medicine, and again he slept through the night from 8 pm to 4:45 am!!! It is hard on Momma since I freak out and can't sleep, I am hoping he is just growing and it is not the medicine. I don't like giving it to him, but he is still stuffy and uncomfterable. He has been complaining a lot more lately, about everything!! He really loves his Mommy and Daddy, scutting and semi crawling across a room and into the kitchen to fetch us both, when we are separate he can't decide which direction he should move and freaks out. He has been talking a lot more often...like bababa and gagagaga and a new one that has no recognizable sound :) We thought he was expressive before, but now it is like he understands what is going on and makes noise and faces to suit the mood. Right now he is part way under the table banging his head over and over and complaining about it, hey look he figured it out on his own and has turned to his toys :) Such a big boy!!

We are overwhelmed with the quick move to Maryland, I feel as if we have a million things to do but I can't think of them. We have started PCS cleaning, so we are preparing everything to be pack and the house to get a very through cleaning next month...so much to do and yet i wish it would all just happen faster and get over with!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


WE REPORT TO ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND IN JANUARY !!!! When we go home for Christmas, we do not have to come back to Kansas. We start out processing now and hope to leave here around the 10th of December!!! It is really happening, finally our good karma is paying off.


Johnny went to see the doctor this morning, for a small rash and some cold symptoms that just wouldn't go away. The rash is nothing and should clear on it's own and the Nurse Practitioner said Johnny has allergies. I didn't think November was much of a month for allergies, but apperantly it is. He is suppose to start Zyrtic tonight. I am not very happy about it, such a strong medication that is suppose to make him drowsy and he is suppose to get it daily. I hope it will only be a week, until everything calms down and he can get off of it. But for now, if it makes him feel better I am all for that!

Oh by the way he is now 22 lbs and 29 inches!!!