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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Standing and looking at Daddy, there is nothing supporting our little man!

Johnny's friend Skyler (Aunt Natalie's brother's daughter...I think that is second cousin once removed)

She is 2.5 years old and they are about the same size (granted he is on the big side and she on the little), she is such a sweet little girl and very friendly!!!

Standing and ready to walk...

HOLY CRAP HE IS WALKING!!!! He has been standing unsupported for small amounts of time that are getting longer and longer for the past few days..then today he has started taking small steps, up to 4 at once!!! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY BABY? today I had to buy him socks from the boys department (not the baby department), size 4.5 shoes and 2T cloths and now he is walking.

He did have pants on most of the day, just not while we where taking pictures :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Mathew, Mark, Luke and John

Michele making John Robert "Shake it"

John Robert playing with our cousins, Luke and Aislinn

He loved getting stuck under the kitchen table at Aunt Sue and Uncle Mark's house...Look at those eyes and that beautiful smile.

Out to dinner with the Dennisons, John Robert got a new hat and mittens and didn't like the mittens.

Friday, December 26, 2008

More Pictures

It was amausing that Wyatt bought the exact same toy for John Robert that John Robert bought for him :)
Grams and Pops and their grandkids...to date :)

Charlie and his new precious son right after he was born

Our little family enjoying our first chrismtas together

John Robert showing interest in cousin wyatt

Cousin Wyatt...in the hat and blanket I made, though I must say it is warm, the one his mommy made for him is very pretty...john robert is waiting for his :)

Thanks to my brother Thomas for the pictures (and a few from Char) but you can see all his pics and a lot more of baby wyatt and our Christmas here

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Baby Wyatt Thomas Dennison

Visiting the hospital John Robert was being sweet and cuddled with Aunt Natalie

Again at the hospital John Robert getting a ride from Daddy

At Grams and Pops house at our Christmas eve party.

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa

Santa's work is all done
Exactly what John Robert asked for, a Rocking Gorse complete with keepsake plaque so he can always remember his first Christmas gift.

Opening books with Daddy.

Opening his musical duck, Santa did a bad job picking out paper that did not rip, so Johnny had a rough time opening his presents, we all think Santa will do better next year...and never eat pizza again :(

His favorite gift, his own little lab top so he can sit next to daddy as he games and plays (Santa brought daddy a specialized keyboard for his games and new digital camera for Mommy)

Enjoying his keepsakes.

Playing in the unripable paper.


OH MY GOD!!! What a crazy few days. I don't even know where to begin. I guess it would start if you would look at http://babydennisonmd.blogspot.com/, here you will see a few pictures and the story of the birth of our new precious nephew. Baby Wyatt Thomas Dennison was born on December 23rd at 5:54 am via C-section at 8 lbs 6 ozs and 21 inches!!!!! He looks a lot bigger then he feels. He is beautiful and his mommy and daddy are so happy and we are feel very blessed.

We spent the past few days visiting in the hospital and preparing for Christmas. It felt like we were waiting for Wyatt to be born that when he was we where like....oh my god Christmas is tomorrow!!!! Christmas eve felt great. We visited the hospital and opened presents with Charlie, Michele and Wyatt, then we all came back to Grams and Pops house and had a special party. Our past came to life through sheet pizza, chicken and joe joes, and family time. We opened presents and sung carols. It all was so much fun, then we went to church. John Robert really enjoyed all the extra attention since everyone loves him, though he didn't make it till church since it was not until 9. But the Furnivals (Natalie's family) was visiting and spent our family traditions with us.

Johnny really did enjoy his first Christmas, These are times Mommy and Daddy will never forget!!! Johnny got a rocking horse, Christmas books, a microphone and art supplies. He went right for his stocking on the floor and the puffs sitting next to it (Santa tends to go over board in this house)

I wish I had more words for you, but I feel drained and over overwhelmed. I truly am filled to the brim with loved and happiness. I had missed my Christmas spirit, but this year I found a new one, watching Johnny open his presents and play with them, watching Ella dance around and sing carols and holding a new born babe and kissing baby faces of all kinds. My life is new this year and every day I love it more. Tomorrow we head to Ohio to visit with Penneys and Dennisons alike, This trip completes our Christmas season and when we come home we have 4 years of family and happiness!!! I feel like this is the year the bransons have lost their minds...we have been forgetting stuff, eating stuff, losing stuff, breaking stuff and being late for everything!!! Thanks to a patient family we had a great clumsey Christmas :)

John Robert opening his First Christmas stocking!!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Almost Here

Christmas is almost here and along with in my very first nephew!!! I really can't say how tell you how excited I am for this season. Baby Wyatt is going to be induced tomorrow morning at the same hospital that Johnny was born at, maybe that is what it is...to go back there, where my life became so much more. And maybe it is that we are home surronded by family and ready to be so much more. Ella kicked our butts in candy land tonight :) I hope I can be involved in Wyatt's life and him and Johnny can be great friends!!! Really, I feel over whelmed like I never thought I would be about becoming an aunt again...it is just this time I know what is going on and I am so much less slef involved, but I do just want Michele and charlie to know I love them, and I really llove wyatt, NOW before he is here before he is theres and shared with us, i will give you mine if you give me yours.

by the way they both seem way to calm to be having a baby TOMORROW!!!!! Even I am freaken out, and i am just an aunt :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

9 Month Pictures

Standing, which he didn't want to stay standing so this is all.

he put him self in this position...i picked this background, shawn says it looks like Johnny is at a prom.

I love this picture!!! It is so him....by the way this suit was for his one year pictures....

I decided that there weren't enough pictures of Johnny and me, the angel is horrible, but we are cute.

Look how cute!!!

"I'd like to buy a vowel, Alex."

Always on the go and always so freaken cute.

"I am the godfather"
I really like the pictures this month!!! He just has so much personality and is just so adorable!!
I was just thinking about Johnny turning 9 months. I am of two minds. On one side I am like "no he can't be nine months old, we just got released from the hospital!!" on the other side I am like "only nine months, he has been here forever." Eaither way in three months he will be one year old and we will no longer have infant...but a toddler....HOLY CRAP!!! I am pretty proud of us, we still use the cloth diapers and the organic food, I have kept up (for the most part) with his baby book and we spend lots of time with Johnny. Again on the other hand, we can't decide where to co sleep and breastfeeding didn't stick, but we love our little monkey and enjoy every day we have with him.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Made it to Maryland

We are home.  Traffic was really great and it is wonderful to be home.  We had a great dinner and now mommy gets to work out and we all get to spend some well deserved time together.  Johnny was happy to see his Grams and Papa and his cousin Ella, already playen free and crusen around the rooms.  Many thanks to Aunt Cookie for letting us stay at her house last night, even though we watched the Browns lose....again.  We will be headed back to Ohio on Christmas day to visit and play some more.

Now that we are here baby Wyatt can be born!!! Michele will be induced on Monday if she doesn't go into labor before hand.  He will be here before Christmas and we are so very excited, Michele looks great but of course feels pretty crapy.  I didn't think I would be this excited, but I can't wait to see my beautiful nephew.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Visit to Santa

Johnny was wonderful today as we went to the local mall and dropped in on Santa. Santa was taking a break from making toys to see all the boys and girls of Illinois and Johnny's Grandma Sharon and Grandpa George went with us. Johnny was very intersted in Santa and stared at him until we started making noise to get him to smile and when Daddy made his famous elephant noise Johnny started laughing and they took the picture. Everyone waiting in the line loved him and went "AWWWWWWW" Momma started to cry. Then we went to see Great Aunt Pat and there is yet another woman who loves our little Johnny.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Made it to Illinois

Highly enjoying his new toy from Great Grandma Storm.

Opening presents

Playing with Snookie. They really get along, it was so cute that Johnny would play tug o war with this dog just his size.

Walking for Great Grandma.

Thanking great grandma Storm for all of her presents. Grandma Sharon also got him a lot of Dr. Suess books!!! He is very spoiled!!!
After a 12 hour drive we finally made it to Bolingbrook. Johnny did very well in the trip, he slept most of the trip. The car was crazy packed, but we finally said good bye to Kansas...for good.....yeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!
Now we are in Illinois for the next 5 days and it is nice to be around family and Johnny is having a good time as his Aunt cuddles him and his Grandma and Great Grandma go on and on about how adorbale he is.

Monday, December 8, 2008

All Packed Up

Here we go!!!! Currently I am sitting on the floor surronded by boxes writing on the lab top. EVERYTHING is in boxes all over the place. The movers were here for a very long time today and me and Johnny watched them wrapped up everything. For some reason preparing for this trip makes it really feel like Christmas for me, like it hasn't in years. Shawn makes fun of me and my childhood memories :) But it went well today...some times annoying but so far nothing is broken and everything fits.

Johnny did not like being confiended today. We went shopping for mommy christmas cloths (ps not as fun as when I was 17, i just don't want to worry about it any more) and he was angry at being in the stroller after being held all day and then went kinda hyper when we got home and he got free, the giggles where the best!!! So look for more and some pictures in a few days :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

All Day

Just a quick update! They pick up our stuff tomorrow...bright and early. We have spent all day taking stuff off walls, washing clothes and dishes, and shoving as much into suit cases as possible! We leave in two days to visit Grandma Sharon and everyone else in Illinois. We are super excited to see them and spend some time together. Everything is going so smoothly and well....I currently have no complaints...ask me again tomorrow :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome Back Swaddler

So last month, we took away the swaddler and tried to get Johnny to sleep in a sleep sack, like a normal 8 month old...silly mommy and daddy. We had been struggling a lot lately, he has been waking every hour at night and only 30 minutes during naps. Last night he woke up at 10:30 after being put down at 8, was swaddled and slept until 5:30!!!!!!!! So he is just a person who likes to be tight and covered, when he goes to regular blankets he will just enjoy being covered and tucked in tight....just another little bit of personality.

Johnny has also been very very playful lately. We have this game where mommy or daddy take his pacifier and put it in our own mouth (backwards) he thinks this is hilarious, then he grabs at it, laughing, until he gets it then, some times, pretends to put it back in our mouth then quickly puts it in his own...he loves this. He also chases the puff container from one side of the table to another, cruising around the table and then sitting on his heals (wow how strong) He is also enjoying itsey bitsey spider and patty cake. We have been focusing on "soft discipline" saying and signing "stop" mostly to keep him away from the computer or cords. He really has been catching on to it. So we aren't such bad parents...we are figuring it all out...as we go ;)

Friday, November 28, 2008

First Black Friday

Our First Little Snow (it as was all gone by the time we got to the stores)

But it was fun to get all bundled up and cute!!

Crazy Mall

Singing Carols?

To follow is our baby fashion show of what we bought today, which was hard to get Johnny to sit still for, as you see.

Our day was wonderful!!! We drove to Tapica and went to the local mall. I love this tradition, it is really a chance to feel the Christmas spirit. I found the local radio station playing nothing but Christmas music and now we are watching our Christmas movies. I feel so great to be in the Christmas season, especially with Johnny here. Our holidays will never be the same and for the better we are adding new traditions to our old. However finding Baby's First Christmas cloths in 12-18 months is not easy, however we did find some!! I wonder how many people picked up the Baby's First Christmas onze in 18 months and laughed, we cheered!!