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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Hair Bath Time Fun

Look at all that hair!!!! When you pull it out of it curls you would be surprised how far down his back it goes...we spray it down and comb it every morning...if he was a girl there would be barrets everywhere...lucky him :)

OHHHH Daddy what have you done :) (daddy thought this entire thing was very funny)

So I thought it had been a while since I put a real update of what Johnny has been doing lately...things have been a little crazy here, but hopefully calming down now. Samantha's birth is less then a month away and tomorrow Papa has an in and out procedure for a hernia he has...so maybe not fully calming down :)

Johnny has started to really talk...he will repeat most things you say and babbles a lot...he has nite nite fully down along with, hello, Momma, Dadda, All Done, up, down, meow, doggy and that is just what he says on a daily basis....he is so smart.

Johnny has quickly learned to stop eating when he is "allllll done" and his likes and dislikes seem to change on a daily basis. Recently he loves, noodles, peanut butter, strawberries, bannans, cheese, chocolate milk, and cucumbers...these are thinks he will eat every time and as much as I give him. But he rejected recently, shrimp, mash sweet potatoes, and mushrooms (he pushes it out of his mouth with his tounge or throw it o n the floor)...all of these things he has eaten in the pasted so I will just try again.

Playing outside has been his most recent favorite activity. He often grabs one of our hands and walk us to door and winnes until let out (he wines a lot lately) or we say no and he eventually gets distracted. Johnny loves to sit in his sand box and just lift the sand or dig in it, nothing complicated...he also loves trying to "help" me with my garden or dumping my plants.

As far as discipline goes, we try very hard to use "stop" sign it and then redirect...he has gotten great at signing back "stop" It is often that he chooses when to hear us and when not to. But often he does a great job at moving away when we tell him to, with the exception of going behind the computers...cords are just way to much fun. He has started fits, throwing himself on the floor or crying and rubbing his eyes. We try to redirect and calm him down...or just not give him the attention until he calms down or gets side tracked. Most of any of our parenting is done moment by moment what we think is the best choice for him.

That is enough for tonight, later I need to write about naps and missing binky time...thanks for listening :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


I was just getting very sad at how big Johnny has gotten, we can almost have full conversations with him and it hurts me how he is not little at all anymore and how he seemed to jump from lump to toddler so quick and grew too fast....it isn't fair...i miss him as a baby baby.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday with our Family

Ahhhh lunch....mashed sweet potatoes AND apple sauce....what was Momma thinking

Watching Cinderella with Ella.

Helping Papa measure.

And helping Papa drill...ever since Uncle Tommy fixed the our curio cabinet yesterday Johnny has been loving helping to build and fix...loves the tools!

Johnny loves this toy of Wyatt's and guess what everyone else loves it to!

Trying to escape Uncle Tommy's legs of doom.

Enjoying some ice cream with Grams...haha BIB!!! HAHA Momma beat the mess monster this time.


And Wyatt and Papa, I just love this picture.

As Daddy stays home to nurse his missing teeth, Momma Johnny went to Uncle Chuckles house for a small cook out. We had a great time!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy Day

I am not sure he gets the point of going down the slide :) or not eating sand for that matter

This quickly became his favorite out door toy...he enjoyed crawling in and out of it....such a big boy.

This morning wasn't so good....when we wouldn't let him turn off Daddy's monitor over and over again, he threw a fit...he doesn't do this very often, We are still going very strong with no binky, so we tried to calm him and this is right after he crawled out of my lap and decided to truly let us know he wanted what he wanted right then...it is hard right now to know what to do...we just try to redirect him and calm him down...he eventually got distracted.

Daddy's day was rough...he had his four wisdom teeth removed...two of them were impacted with his nervous, there fore had to be cut out. He looks like a chipmunk...there is nothing in his checks...just swollen.

We got a great visit from my sister in lawn Natalie and my niece Ella...Natalie will be having a C-section in a month to bring my newest niece Samantha into the world!!!!!!!!!!!! ps doesn't she look great?

Isn't it so sweet? Ella has gotten so big it is frightening!

Momma's garden update...I have to water three times a day some days with as much as the sun has been shinning lately...we have cucumbers and chamomile already blooming a little!!! It feels so good to have started from scratch.

So today Shawn had to have his wisdom teeth removed, we had to go to the other side of Baltimore, so it took more then a hour to get there. He was actually under for a while, hooked up to all kinds of machines and stuff. But while Mommy and Daddy where there, Johnny got to spend the morning with Grams and Pops, Ella and Chloe...they went to a book fair at Uncle Tommy's school and got three really good books...then went to McDonalds and got to play and have his very first hamburger!! He loved the tunnels as usual :) Then we all got home and Aunt Natalie came over for dinner and some outside play...Johnny really loves his cousin Ella and chases her around calling out her name....it is so clear. Also he is great at saying "ALLLLLL Done!" when he is done with meals or bath or anything...even when I change his diaper he will say alll done over and over as he struggles to get away :) STILL NO BINKY!

So I am working on getting the first year of this blog printed out professionally and made into a book, so if I am more descriptive or emotional from now on, it is because I am imagining Johnny reading this at his wedding in 25 years :) **tear**

On a last minute note...Johnny got to feed the ducks today at a pond near Grams and Pops house...however Johnny thought the duck cookies where very yummy and refused to feed them to the ducks but ate them all himself...

Playing Ball

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

24 hours no binky

Every Tuesday Papa stops by the house after work to get a little extra time with Jack...I really love it when my Dad dose this, I get a chance to hear about his day and watch him play with Johnny...he always smiles so much and he gets the smile lines around his eyes (see picture below) which I love!!! and by the way he gave to me :) The greatest Papa ever and my favorite Daddy.

How dose baby plumber butt happen? I will tell you....ummm no I will not...if you know though...:) Yes sadly that is our coffee table upside down in the background...Johnny discovered how to climb on it alone and thinks it is funny when he takes a step off and we have to catch him...the more we redirected and got frustrated the funnier he thought it was...I am hoping he forgets this game shortly so I can have my table back.

OH MY what beautiful big eyes you have!!!

We made it through our first full day no binky!!!!!!!!!!! Johnny did find one today, but I got it from him before he realized anything. He has been great!

I have been trying for two days to post a great video of Shawn teaching Johnny to hit the ball of a tee...he dose an amazing job...likes to play catch and tries to put the ball back on the tee after he hit it...he claps and gets really excited when we all cheer and expects it now...so much fun...I will try again :)

14 hours no binky

So here is the story...I wanted to let Johnny keep his binky until 18 months...he just likes it so much and it was like Momma desperately clinging to the last remnant of having a "baby."But some how over the last few days every binky we owned has gone missing. How dose that happen? I can count at least 10 we owned in his current size...where did they all go? Johnny had a binky right before his bath last night, but he hid it. When it was time for bed there was not a binky to be found...so we decieded to go for it. Lately his need for the binky had become insain...he would be happy and smily and then see and binky and cry becuase he wanted it so badly...time for binky to go away. He woke up a little early this morning and complained a little extra, but is now asleep for his nap with NO PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!! Just laid down tosed around a little and then fell asleep.

Monday, May 18, 2009



Sunday, May 17, 2009

soooooo smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playing at Uncle Chuckles Johnny quickly took to this toy, where you put the blocks in and it sings, he loved filling it then dumping it.

When Doogy first came in Johnny didn't like her because she jumped a lot, but after she calmed down they like each other a lot!!

Look how big he has gotton...yes that is a big spider on his shirt and 2T cloths!!

Grams and her new "boys"
Chasing Doogy with these toys!

See how smart, he figured it out right away! With no help!!!! just picked up the yellow circle and found where it went and put in it and then looked for it again and the cycle continued! The square was harder...but he enjoyed this toy so much I am going to see if I can find him one and get him practicing.

And just for good measure look how cute my nephew is! and his Momma playing "this little piggy"

It was a nice afternoon playing at Uncle Chuckles house while Papa put up a fan in Wyatt's room.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fairy Fest 2009

Showing off his "equal trade" musical rattle...he picked it out himself.

Finding the dragon tail that Momma snuck around his waist.

The adorable little horns that made him the hit of the show! At first he tugged them off a lot, but he got used to them and didn't touch them!!!

It was so humid that all of his hair curled like crazy!!

Traveling the world.

sooooo cute and having sooooo much fun chasing bubbles.

Just happy with Momma.

Then Napping with Momma

We found the children's section had a lot more stuff for him to do then I thought...he loved these tunnels and made some friends inside them too.

He found it very entertaining when another little boy was using the hula hoop, it made them the most exciting thing all day.

It looks like he was jumping through, but really he was falling...not hard though.

He gets this treat of chocolate milk when we do these things.

This was a puppet show that Johnny just LOVED...clapping and giggling. He even got to meet the dragon after, but didn't want to sit in his lap.


So according to the weather report it should have been thundering all day...HA!!! We went to the Fairy Fest anyways (momma had been looking forward to it for a long time) with the knowing that we would leave as soon as the weather got bad....it was cloudy all morning...then the sun came out!!!!

Johnny really enjoyed just running around and everyone thought he was adorable and he was willing to smile and giggle for anyone.