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Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Best Gift

It was just so amazing and he is just so beautiful!!! I just got home from our 3D 4D ultrasound where we broadcasted to Iraq. I am very happy to report that it all went very smoothly. Johnny really just wanted to curl up against my uterine wall and be left alone, but we prodded him into showing us his face, right at the end. He played with his feet, opened his eyes, moved his mouth and waved to Shawn. It was amazing and surreal. I can't put into words how great this experience was for us. To have Shawn really included and to see Johnny, really Johnny. This is the best gift we have ever received.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just another visit to the Midwife

There is nothing new, I had an appt and everything is perfectly fine. I measured 28 inches and his heart is beating strong and beautiful. My blood work came back perfect and funky pains in my legs are normal.

Wow it was really boring, but boring is good. I do start going now every two weeks instead of four. It freaks me out a little, like wow we are getting close. I am enjoying being pregnant, though third trimester is already starting to hit me.

We have our board casted 3D 4D ultrasound on Monday and we are all excited. But there is nothing new.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Big Belly and Grams

Grams and me went to see The Nutcracker in Baltimore this past week end and when I got dressed up the big belly became very evident. The dress I am in used to feel like a tent and now it might be too tight. Ella looked at me and told me I was "beauuuuutiful". Thought you might like to see.
Me and mom and had a great time out together. We hadn't done anything just the two of us since I was a kid. I love that we get this chance now to spend extra time together and I have her here to help me through all of this. Both of my parents have been invaluable to my spirit.


Very Precious Previews

Our Johnny is beautiful and I know that from sight. Recently we received a very special gift. A local company called Precious Previews, which does 3D 4D ultrasounds during the third trimester, so you can see your baby before he is born. We made arrangements to have this ultrasound on Christmas Eve so it can be broadcasted to Shawn. This company decided to thank Shawn for his sacrifices and do this for us without charge. We did a "dry run" this week so we would have a recording to play for Shawn just in case something goes wrong. Johnny is truly beautiful. The entire experience was over whelming, I cried. He played with is toes, stuck out his tongue, and mooned us. I can't say how amazing it is to see this tiny real little face inside of me, that needs me completely. He has my nose, but Shawn's checks and chin and little smirk as he kicks me.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


25 Weeks gone now and we are still doing very well!!! I started a small job yesterday where I get to sit with a 5 month old all day and get paid for it. The days are long with the commute and everything, but the baby (Chloe) is sweet and lets me craft while she plays and babbles. I get to practice my skills and test out taking care of a baby. It will only be a couple of months since Johnny is due in only 3 now.

We are registered for child birthing classes in January, me and dad are prepared. I am so lucky to have him to fill in for now. Mom always says how great he was for her births and both of my parents have been so excited and supportive of this whole thing.

But that is all, Nothing new here. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and was very tasty, though Christmas is still over whelming without Shawn, but we have many more years to come and be together.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Appotment and funky symptoms

Well so let me start this by saying, we are healthy and happy. Johnny's heart is beating healthily and he is growing steadily. Our monthly Dr's apt was moved up this week because for the past 2 weeks the skin on the top of my belly has tingles and gone numb often. It is really more annoying then anything, but I became concerned that it might be affecting him. The midwife said it is not an uncommon occurrence but she has only known of one other woman to have it. There is absolutely nothing wrong, Johnny has just decided to smash all of my organs and everything and is slightly cutting off my circulation, but he is just fine. He just like his space!! I have officially gained 14 pds total which I am told is fine, though I really only want to gain another 10 pds to stay nice and healthy, but I am not freaking out about it.

I think that is all, we are healthy growing just fine, my belly is itchy and random things give me heart burn, but he is moving around and we are very much looking forward to thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The peanut is on a roll this morning. For the past hour he has been moven around like he chasing something. Normally the very light kicks I get are in the same general area. All morning today he has been everywhere and kicking like crazy, like he really wanted me to get out of bed. I can't explain how it feels. Half like having an alien trying to escape and half like wonder at my son. But I think that is what he will be. :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Reaching Daddy

I just thought I would put out Daddy's addresses if anyone wants to send him a card or something.

Branson, Shawn
C co 610 BSB
Unit # 42531
APO AE 09361


I know he would love to hear from any of you.

Soldier boy

Johnny is beautiful

Welcome to Our Life

I am going to try and make this intro short and sweet, but it will be hard. I have been keeping this blog for 3 years now, through deployments and pregnancy's, many moves and happy days.

I welcome you to our lives :) Thank you for taking time to read our story! My name is Jenni, but Mommy is what I go by. I am a 26 year old stay at home mom of two beautiful and wonderful children. The story of my happy home started nearly 6 years ago when I meet and married my prince.
April 9th 2005
We where young, but in love and that was all we needed.

The Army brought us together, but also has torn us apart. By the time we had gotten married our relationship had already seen my husband, Shawn, be deployed to a dangerous area of Iraq for 13 months, and had us living in two different countries for 6 months after our wedding. The generosity of my parents and love of my family was priceless and I know I could not have made through this without them.

Once our lives finally got going we lived together for about 17 months at Fort Lee Virginia, it was not an easy time, as we dealt with the emotional and physical backlash of Shawn's deployment, a family sickness and death and failed to get pregnant, but we survived and found a few happy days for ourselves.

In June of 2007 we where given orders to Fort Riley Kansas. In short we arrived got pregnant and Shawn was off for Iraq again leaving me barely 5 weeks pregnant and very far away away from our families. It all happened so quick! But once again my parents opened their doors to me and became an intrical part in my survival of this second deployment.

My father, Papa, became my birthing couch! And my mother, brother, and sister in law where all in the room when John Robert came into the world.

After 2 days of labor he was born on March 17th 2008 at 12:43 pm.

Grams and Pops by my side!

Daddy got to listen to and experience the birth of his son through this blog, IM and my sister-in-law's cell phone.

My St Patrick's day Monkey boy :) I like to call him my Lucky Little Monkey.

We lived and recovered with Grams and Pops for 6 weeks until Daddy came home!

We were so excited to have Shawn home, but that also meant it was time to move back to Kansas where the Army said we needed to live. So off we went.

Johnny grew very fast! He was twice the size of most other babies his age and developed just as fast! Here Johnny is at 4.5 months stretching to fit into a 6-9 month sleeper. (Have you ever tried to find First Christmas cloths in 18 months? I have, it is hard, but not impossible.)

He was a sweet baby, hungry and happy! I felt lucky and freighted that he was so easy. When he became mobile he couldn't be stopped and was into everything all the time.

After only 6 months in Kansas we where offered a wonderful opportunity to move home. This is a rare occurrence in the military. But Shawn reenlisted for 4 more years and the Army moved us to a Post 20 minutes from my parents house. Johnny was 8 months old and we moved back in with parents to wait for a house of own on Post.

Johnny started walking at 9 months, but still did not have any teeth! He continued to fill our days with happiness and fun and showed us the world through his eyes! He makes everyday more fun and fresh then I ever imagined possible.

By the time John Robert was a year old we had our own home and finally settled into a day to day life that had nothing to do with being separated or moving. It was a happy and peaceful time. But as always the best was yet to come, we knew something was missing.

In September when Johnny was 18 months old we found we where experiencing our second child!
It's a Girl! Lily Jean Branson was due May28th 2010.
We where blessed with another completely healthy and uneventful pregnancy!

After just about 12 hours in labor and no drugs or medical intervention at all,
Lily was born June 3 2010 at 1:46 am. Shawn was there in the room when she was born (NOT at war), as well as my brother and mother.

She is the perfect addition to our family, sweet and loving! She is Mommy's Little Cupcake!!

Johnny loved his little sister right from the start! He has always offered her as much help as we let him and loves to make her smile.

And here we are! Family of four living a simple life and loving it!

Johnny is nearly 3 years old, imaginative and playful. He never stops going. Still as big as a 5 year old with an appetite to match. He loves his family and keeping everyone together.

Lily is getting older everyday. I refer to her as the happiest baby ever! Her smiles can take your heart with one look and she gives them out more freely then I have ever seen.