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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring!! T-Ball and Playgrounds!

Johnny is finally signed up for his first real sport! T-BALL!!! And we are all excited! He got new shorts, shoes, balls, bats, helmet, bases and t-ball kit. We are all excited to get Johnny to play with his cousins and his new team!! Papa had gotten him this glove when he was born and he finally gets to use it!

Papa, wearing his "Coach" hoodie, which I got him when he was my birthing coach when Johnny was born. Today he was T-ball coach, getting Johnny started off on the right foot!

Start position and we learn that Johnny wants to swing left handed and throw right, pitch hitter?

Spring has hit and the kid miss Daddy. So keeping them busy means daily trips to the playground with his 20 feet from Grams and Pops house! Lily loves it all!

Johnny always surprises me and does more then I think he should be able to!

Head first! Sometimes it is just too hard to get her big butt under her to go down the right way.

Johnny always hunting for rocks :)

My little cupcake is just so beautiful! Happy and crazy!