A Sunbeam to Warm you, A Moonbeam to Charm You, A Sheltering Angel, That Nothing May Harm You

Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Best Gift

It was just so amazing and he is just so beautiful!!! I just got home from our 3D 4D ultrasound where we broadcasted to Iraq. I am very happy to report that it all went very smoothly. Johnny really just wanted to curl up against my uterine wall and be left alone, but we prodded him into showing us his face, right at the end. He played with his feet, opened his eyes, moved his mouth and waved to Shawn. It was amazing and surreal. I can't put into words how great this experience was for us. To have Shawn really included and to see Johnny, really Johnny. This is the best gift we have ever received.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just another visit to the Midwife

There is nothing new, I had an appt and everything is perfectly fine. I measured 28 inches and his heart is beating strong and beautiful. My blood work came back perfect and funky pains in my legs are normal.

Wow it was really boring, but boring is good. I do start going now every two weeks instead of four. It freaks me out a little, like wow we are getting close. I am enjoying being pregnant, though third trimester is already starting to hit me.

We have our board casted 3D 4D ultrasound on Monday and we are all excited. But there is nothing new.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Big Belly and Grams

Grams and me went to see The Nutcracker in Baltimore this past week end and when I got dressed up the big belly became very evident. The dress I am in used to feel like a tent and now it might be too tight. Ella looked at me and told me I was "beauuuuutiful". Thought you might like to see.
Me and mom and had a great time out together. We hadn't done anything just the two of us since I was a kid. I love that we get this chance now to spend extra time together and I have her here to help me through all of this. Both of my parents have been invaluable to my spirit.


Very Precious Previews

Our Johnny is beautiful and I know that from sight. Recently we received a very special gift. A local company called Precious Previews, which does 3D 4D ultrasounds during the third trimester, so you can see your baby before he is born. We made arrangements to have this ultrasound on Christmas Eve so it can be broadcasted to Shawn. This company decided to thank Shawn for his sacrifices and do this for us without charge. We did a "dry run" this week so we would have a recording to play for Shawn just in case something goes wrong. Johnny is truly beautiful. The entire experience was over whelming, I cried. He played with is toes, stuck out his tongue, and mooned us. I can't say how amazing it is to see this tiny real little face inside of me, that needs me completely. He has my nose, but Shawn's checks and chin and little smirk as he kicks me.