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Friday, October 30, 2009

10 Weeks Pregnant!!!

I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything, pregnancy is much harder then I remembered it! The last two weeks have been no easier. Head aches, exhaustion, nauseous, heartburn, and now I am having trouble sleeping. But I am not complaining! It is all very worth it and I am trying to not let this interrupt my life. But I haven't taken any pictures of Johnny in two weeks, or knitted much, or really even cleaned the house with any fervor. But we are just two weeks away from the 2ed trimester!!!

We have another midwife appt next week where we hope to hear the heartbeat. I am a little worried because of my weight, that they might not be able to hear it, but I am trying to take it all calmly, we heard the heartbeat once and with each day we get further along and closer to having our little baby in our arms. Nine months of worrying about life leads to a lifetime worrying about everything else!

It is fun to think that when I was pregnant with Johnny I joined a netflix thing for audio books and listened to the entire Wheel of Time series! I loved it. The author of these books died without finishing the series, thankfully the author's widow found another fantasy writer to help finish the series. And the 12th book JUST came out. This baby will get to listen to the new book, like Johnny listened to the rest of them!!! It is exciting to me :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

8 Weeks Pregnant

2 Months finally down, just 4 weeks until we are safe and comfy in the 2ed trimester!!! I am counting down the days!!

It was another rough week in Mommy's belly. Total exhaustion, super nauseous and air bubbles followed by loud and random burps. Mommy also now has been having some trouble sleeping, leading to more tiredness during the days and nights. Really that has been our week, going day by day trying to find healthy foods that calm Mommy's belly.

This week we scheduled a special 1st trimester screening for Down Syndrome and Trisonome 18, to include a few extra blood test and an extra ultrasound for mid November. Not that any outcome of these test could change the course of the pregnancy but we feel the more information we have the better we can be prepared, and we get an extra ultrasound.

Really and very thankfully there is no news and each day is just waiting to pass till be can get to the 12 week mark, that is all I can think about right now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

On Monday we took our little family to Grams and Pops house to carve our pumpkins (better to make a mess at someone else house :) It was a lot of fun and very productive!! Johnny got a chance to have Grams and Pops all to him self and play in the inners of a pumpkin.

It was his favorite part, taking out the seeds and mush from the pumpkin

Then trying to put them back in.

When Daddy started to remove the gunk and seeds from his pumpkin Johnny thought it was very amusing and said, laughing, "Yuck Daddy"

He could have played in the gunk all day!

And got it all over the floor and even in his hair

Mommy and Daddy very much enjoyed carving pumpkins! As Johnny cleaned up

Mommy tried to convince Johnny that is was fun to draw his face on his little pumpkin, but he was not convinced, after we done with the gunk he was done with us.

Instead he thought it was necessary to take the gords from the front table

And carry them to Papa!

Then as he was eating lunch he thought that his little pumpkin must be hungry too! So he feed his pumpkin

And there we are as pumpkins!!! Daddy's has glasses on, lot of teeth and one eyebrow raised. Mommy's has a large belly hole through which you can see a little green pumpkin holding a candle, for the peanut. And Johnny's has a HUGE smile!!! We loved carving our pumpkins!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

7 Weeks Pregnant...it is a peanut!

It is a peanut!!! 7 weeks along and everything looks perfect!!! We actually saw the little heart beating and that was amazying!!! Mommy cried! The heart rate was around 122, which is perfect...again! all perfect!!!

So 7 weeks gone and 33 weeks left to go! It is going by fast but not nearly fast enough!! Mommy was pretty miserable this week. LOTS of nauseousness, really it hasn't stopped for over a week! Heartburn, burping, head aches and generally feeling exhausted all the time. Really it was a horrible week! But yesterday we had our first appointment with the midwifes, we saw Lynn and she was very sweet and supportive! She said I was more concerned about my weight then she was, though I should try to keep my gain down to 20 pds at the most and stay away from carbs. I was an exciting patient because this is our second baby with these midwives and I have no health complications!!

We are counting down the days until we are safe in 12 weeks! But for now we can take a deep breath that everything is growing perfectly!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkins at Apple Wood Farm

Today we took Johnny up to Apple Wood Farm in Whiteford to pick some pumpkins right off the vine, pet some animals, and ride in a tractor. My family has been going to this farm since we moved to Maryland and I have a lot of great memories there.

We started at the petting zoo, which I thought Johnny would like more then he did. He was a little stand offish and didn't really want to feed them.

Except the "qwak qwak" He loves them and threw all the food at them laughing.

He did try to climb in with goat, but didn't get very far, the goat didn't notice.

Then we ran around the kiddy maze and Johnny loved just running! He had to take every turn and look in every alcove until we made it to the end, then wanted to be carried.

We headed inside to get a drink and Johnny found the tractor,

Daddy had to make it bounce

This was the strangest thing, it was called the "spooky spot" it was a short walk of a haunted house, first time we just went though and Johnny didn't really seem to care either way, but when we got out and Daddy put Johnny down he ran back to the beginning and continued to go though it and then back to the beginning 8 times, before we stopped him. Who would have thought?

As we waited for the hay ride to the pumpkin patch Mommy sat Johnny in the middle of all ready picked pumpkin to get this adorable photo op. Our pumpkin in the pumpkins.

Enjoying the hay ride.
When we got to the field Mommy tried to get Johnny to hug the pumpkins, but instead he was kissing them.

Picking his pumpkin, right off the vine!

However when it came time to hold his pumpkin, he decided his hands where dirty! and kept wiping them.

There you have it, our little family of pumpkins! Daddy, Mommy, Johnny and green growing peanut (Daddy found it and Mommy was tickled)
Next week end some pumpkin carving....I love fall!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

18 Month Pictures

It is that time of year again, milestone pictures at Sears. This time we went to White Marsh to a new studio that was much bigger with people in it that really wanted to play with the kids and knew how to work with Johnny. We where there much longer then I thought we would be, with a snack break in the middle of the session, but all in all I got what I wanted.

This was the key, happy cute Johnny showing off his big brotherdom!

The plan was to do a full Elmo picture, but somehow Elmo got put off to the side and it was still fully cute.
I did really want a few cute Halloween pictures, but by this time Johnny had lost all interest in standing where we wanted him to and smiling when we did something goofy. You can't even see his tail here, but we will get some great ones on Halloween I am sure.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Global Fluffy Bum

About 2 weeks ago we where happily involved in a wonderful program called Global Fluffy Bum.
Families from all over pass along this embroidered diaper cover, use in for a few days, and take it around their lives, then pass it along to the next family. I was so excited to get to use this diaper and we had a blast.

The first day we had it we just played around the house, nothing special, but it is our life, Johnny getting into trouble mostly.

Begging for a cup of juice.

Throwing all of the cushions off the couches so they can jump on them.

Surveying the mess and holding tight onto Elmo.

and climbing on the dinning room table.

The next day we had the diaper, we went to visit Grams and Pops. Johnny always has so much fun there, and it is crazy how big he looks without pants while Papa is holding him.

Here Johnny's 2 month old cousin Samantha wore the diaper too, why not?

Isn't she cute?

Then to the wash, this is our diaper basket!

Momma hand washed this cover to make sure nothing happened to it.

And hung it to dry.

Momma held onto the diaper longer then she should have, waiting for a sunny day to take Johnny to the tanks here on post and do some pictures. Perfect to come from the military family.

We really LOVED being involved in this program!! It got Momma more dedicated to doing the cloth diapers and even knitting some new covers!