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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lily Dancing and Being Cute

My beautiful ballerina!

Lily has taken to dancing and sometimes singing! It is just too adorable not to video tape.

She mostly just shakes that baby Branson butt, and I love it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will Never Forget

I was a junior in high school, it seems like a whole different world to me now.

It was any other day, we had not been living in Maryland long, my mom was still unpacking boxes. My dad was still in training for his new government job and was scheduled to tour the Pentagon that day, but for some reason told only me that he wouldn't be there until the afternoon. It is still odd in my head how clear my dad was in telling me something I didn't care about, as a cranky teenager.

Some time in the morning rumors started to circular about a bombing in New York, but how did that effect us a few hours away? Then I walked into Ms. O's class, which is my computer course and the news was on the television. No one talked to each other, all we did was stare at TV. When it came on that a plane had also hit the pentagon, I had one moment of panic and then a deep breath that I KNEW my dad was not there. But my poor mother did not have that knowledge and she could not reach my father becuase training did not stop and he didn't even know about the attach until lunch. Even though he wasn't released from training he drove home, he knew his family needed him.

This is what made my generation what it is. Both Shawn and I joined the Army AFTER 9-11. We knew what we where getting into, but we had pride for our country and wanted to protect it from this, our home, our way of life!

I will never forget sitting with my parents in the basement for hours watching the news. As a teenager I sat quietly with my parents praying in my heart not knowing what the world would look like when the dust settled.

We Will Never Forget!

Friday, September 9, 2011

1st Day of Pre-School

So it might not be actual preschool, I think it is technically nursery school, but all Johnny knows is that he is going to school, like Sid the Science Kid and he is a big boy!

Mommy made special shorts and an embroidered shirt to mark this special first day!
Look Out Pre-K here he comes!

Along with his special toddler sized back pack!

That Mommy made even more special with his name and triceratops!

Even Lily was excited for Johnny to go to school, she got a special supportive little sister, first day of school outfit.

On the drive to school, Johnny had to check to ensure his giant pencils and crayons where right where they should be.

We even took some brownies to thank his new teachers in advance for all their hard work this school year.

Walking down the hallway. I don't know if you can tell, but when Johnny gets anxious or is thinking really hard about something, he plays with his ears, he was anxious but ready for this day.

Once we got into the classroom and hung up his back pack he was ready for his sister and Mommy to be on their way. I asked him to give Lily a good bye hug and he picked her up from behind and swung her around.

Before I even thought of leaving he was wrist deep into learning!

And though I know he loves me, he did not really need me their any more :(

I cried as I walked away. I remember very clearly being hugely pregnant with Johnny when I would pick up or drop off Ella to this same school. It is so strange to be back with Johnny who is now the same age that Ella was when he was born!

Lily and I went to Grams and Pops house, since they live less then 10 minutes from the school and we live more then 20. These two days a week that Johnny will be in school is a perfect chance for Lily to get some time with Sammi and Grams and Papa.

It wasn't long before it was time to get Johnny from school, and boy was he excited to see me!

That smile really makes me feel wonderful! I might actually be doing this parenting thing right for once.

I left Lily with Grams and Pops and took Johnny to a special first day of school lunch, just him and me to McDonalds.

We sat and talked about school for a while. He sang his ABCs, ring around the rosies and the name song for me. Though he couldn't remember his teachers or new friends names quite yet. We will get there.

After lunch, back to Grams and Pops house where we found a congregation in the bathroom, Sammi went pee pee on the potty! Yeah Sammi!!! But I think she wanted us out

And then some Grand kid crazyness, I think my mom handles it well!

And finally some calm hugs and good byes.

What a day! I am so glad he enjoyed himself, I know we are setting him up to love learning for the rest of his life!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pre-School Meet and Greet

Everyday since we bought Johnny's backpack he has asked me if he could go to school. Finally a day came when he got to go to school and meet his teachers and new friends.

And this was his reaction to seeing his new classroom!

And it didn't take long for him to dig right into all of the toys

His teachers also made the rounds to meet and talk to all of the kids.

Lily made herself very comfortable in the classroom, you would think she was starting school.

Here is Johnny's other teachers introducing herself.

Johnny meet lots of friends, and played with this little boy for most of the visit, but when I ask him who his friends are he can't tell me their names.

Papa, Grams and Sammi came to meet the class too, we are a family who supports each other!

Look at that big boy standing in front of the calender all ready for his school to start!

Some time feeding all of us lunch.

And then some time playing Daddy.

He is so excited to go to school, it took a lot of work to get him home after the meet and greet!