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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Everyone going home

(This is me knitting a blanket for John Robert. It started as a dress for Ella, then I got pregnant and well got carried away, before long it was too long to be a dress. This really helps me relax and connect to Johnny.)

So though the past week has been scary and hectic for the Dennisons, all is righting itself. Ella is home and quickly becoming her old self. It is wonderful, though she will be sick for the next 2 weeks( the flu) , so Johnny has to stay where he is until then. We all need a hospital break.

Shawn has his dates to be released to leave. He will be meeting his son on May 10th. A little later then we wanted, but we take what the army gives us and make it work. Shawn is taking advantage of the extra time in Kansas to set up the house and be fully prepared for our home coming. His unit in Kansas is keeping everyone because of a change of command ceremony on the 7th, Shawn is trying to get released then so he can be with us for mother's day. Johnny will be baptised on the 18th (thanks to Aunt Cookie) at St Basil the Great in Brecksville Ohio and then we will be spending a week in Chicago where Grandma Sharon will be throwing a meet my grandson shower. Our little family will finally make it home on May 26!!!

I believe that is all for now. I am swollen and uncomfortable, having dreams about going into labor and not knowing what to do. I am sure it will all work out, when Johnny decides he is ready, then we will all be ready.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cousin Ella

Johnny and I are doing well. We are right on track and almost 37 weeks along. We have been very busy lately, or have been kept busy. Johnny's 3 year old cousin Ella has been very sick and spent the last 3 days in the hospital. It has been a very scary few days. Thursday she had a 101 degree temp and Friday morning (after I held her all night as she got sicker and sicker) her parents took her to the ER and she was diagnosed with the Cupe, a sever form of a cold with all her mucus drained into her chest and gave her a bad cough. (this virus only effects children, so Johnny and I are okay) From there it just got worse. They found a spot of ammonia on her lung and last night she came down with the flu. She had been on steroids (to keep her airway from swelling) and antibiotics, as well as Tylenol. She is such a trooper and never cried from her IV or shots or anything. A few days there all we wanted to do was hold her and cry. She wanted to play, but had no energy. It is so hard to see her beautiful spirit dulled. She hadn't slept in days or been able to eat. There is no reason why she had to go through that, but she is, and she is so strong. Today she has shown signs of improvement, she doesn't need the oxygen anymore and her temp was normal all day. She wanted to hear books and eat canned green beans.

Needles to say this has been a hard few days for our entire family. Her 3 year old amazing spirit and Johnny playing ping pong with my organs has been a comfort. It was like he knew I was scared and he was trying to comfort me. I have been feeling him a lot more lately, him really being him, a connection between the two of us. A few times during the last few days I forgot I was pregnant, not that I forgot about Johnny, I just forgot he needed me as much as he does. Everyone else always remembers to remind me. Pops makes sure I take breaks and don't spend too much time at the hospital. Grams makes sure I am eating and sitting down. My ankles are huge!!! I have been taking Airborn, so I can fight off the flu that Ella now has. But having Johnny with me all the time is the greatest comfort I could imagine.

On a better note, we had our weekly Midwife appt on Friday and we are doing great. We are 36 cm big and right on track to labor. I have strong stomach muscles and he is in the perfect position ( head down) I can even feel his feet ( when we aren't having a braxton hicks contraction) March 11th is getting closer and closer. Once Ella is home and happy we can get back on track preparing. The midwife is sure I will go to my due date and Johnny will be between 7.5 and 8 pds. I am ready to have him here, though my mind is occupied. We just want Ella back to her normal self. She is so excited about having a cousin, she knows he is in my belly and is always giving him her toys. She is going to be an amazing big cousin.