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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Young Cousin

My Cousin, Andrew, died of a self inflicted gun shot wound this morning.

He would have been 22 in August.

I wish I had known him better, but I think everyone would say that. I remember him as the last time I saw him, right after Lily was born, he was so excited about life. He is a child in my mind, so young to be gone. I am taken back at how much I hurt, I didn't really know him but I just wish it was Monday again, I just wish he was still here.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lily's First Birthday Party

Our Lil' Cupcake is turning one!!! We wanted to really celebrate her life and the blessing that she is to us. So we invited we all of our friends to our house for a cookout and some fun under the sun!

Aunt Cookie, (Lily's Godmother) and Uncle Ron drove down from Ohio for the party. Don't they look so cool? Mommy tried to remain calm and stress free as the party approached, but that didn't really work, Mommy always gets stressed out, she just wants everything to be perfect for her babies. But wonderfully our family came over to help us prepare!

Papa helped too! and Doesn't Lily Bean look amazing in her special fairy outfit. Mommy and her friend Jennie made it.

Lily Bean and her God Mother!

It was really hot, and Lily was leaving glitter where ever she went, so she changed into a sepcial outfit that Aunt Cookie got for her.

Oh she is just so adorable!
and sweet! That is the same hat that Samantha wore on her first birthday.

While Lily was being adorable, all the kids where playing on the new bouncy house. Grams and Pops helped Mommy and Daddy buy it for her party so we can keep using it for parties and anything else!
LILY'S FIRST STEPS!During her party Lily did something amazing, that we have been waiting for...she took her very first steps! She stood up on her own and took three little steps for this bottle of bubble that Aunt Natalie was holding.

She kept doing it!

She really wanted this hotdog that Jennie was holding.

Lily Loven her Papa!

And the kids loven the roller coaster!

Then it was time for some cake. Mommy made a big cupcake for smashing purposes and them some normal cupcakes that spell out "Happy Birthday Lily"

Happy Birthday little cupcake, she couldn't wait to get to her cake.

Really digging in! Up to the elbow.

This was my favorite part of the day, she loved her cake and the attention she got. She is was so sweet and happy the entire time!

More fun in the bouncy house!

It felt like a chaotic carnival and every kid was crazy and happy, what a wonderful feeling.

Big brother Johnny was telling everyone that it was his baby's birthday, he was so happy to do the paint this cupcake bank for his lily's birthday gift.

Everybody loved coloring the banks to take home!

Lily and her best friend, Anna. These two and are 16 months apart and attached to each other whenever we get together.
Lily Jean had a wonderful time at her party!!! Thank you to everyone for the sweet and special gifts! She is certainly spoiled!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lily's First Steps

Today was Lily's first birthday party. A bunch of friends and family, some sun and some fun! During this fun Lily was standing up in place without using anything to pull herself up on, a lot. And with family around her she took some little steps towards a bottle of bubbles her Aunt was holding! She took a few more little steps towards a hot dog later!! My little girl is growing up! Though we are exhausted, we all had an amazing time!!! Pictures to come!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Happy Branson Pictures

I am sorry that I have recently let the blog fall by the wayside. We have been happy and busy and taking tons of pictures, but they just sit on my camera. Well not any more!

Last week a old and dear friend came down from Michigan to visit her family and came to see us as well. This her daughter, Kat, whom she got the wonderful surprise of being pregnant with her the day I was due to have Johnny, the two are just 8 months apart! They had a great afternoon playing and reading together! We miss them now!
That same day we got a great surprise that Grandpa George (who is a cross country truck driver) was delivery a load near us and wanted to stop and see his Grandkids. It has been 9 months since we have seen him and you wouldn't have known it at all! We look forward to his next visit!

Johnny has been finding his own little personality lately. Last week while watching Wonder Pets, an episode came on that asked for help in saving an animal. Johnny got very excited and very serious! He ran around to find his cape and settle in to help save a humming bird and celebrate with some celery.

Recently the weather have been beautiful day after day and Papa brought over some sand for Johnny's sand box. He spends most of every day out there (as I open all of the down stairs windows and listen to him talk to his trucks) He makes a huge mess, but loves it so much and gets so upset when it rains and he can't go outside.

Last week Daddy made the mistake of setting Lily's yogurt on the table just a little too close to her. She is a very grabby baby and wants everything she sees, she is so curious!

She got a hold of that YoBaby and it didn't take long before it was just everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE!

But messes are worth it, when they come along with that smile!

Johnny's sense of humor has been developing lately, especially this very subtle underwear humor. When you are watching him put his cloths on he always puts his underwear (and pants) on backwards the first try and just looks at you giggling. This morning we got dressed in comfy cloths underwear on under his shorts, then a few hours later I looked at him and got very confused.

The funny little guy had taken his shorts and underwear off in hiding and put his underwear on top of his short! He waited for me to notice and just laughed and ran away from me. Every time I look at him I giggle and can't bring myself to make him put them on right, what harm is he doing and it sure did brighten up my day!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bubble Fun

It is a beautiful day, so we all headed outside for some bubble time!

Daddy is great at making big bubbles, and Johnny is great at popping them