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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Preparing with 3 Months to Go!!

The nursery is officially painted!!! I am not sure how well you can see the paint color with the pictures but trust me it is beautiful and I am very happy with it! The paint color we choose was actually called "sweet baby girl." It is all a little more clique then I normally like, but I can't picture anything being more perfect for our Lily. The rocking chair is the one my mom rocked me in as a baby! My mom also plans on making some white tie back curtains to go over this one.

Her room from the door way.

Some signs I forgot I bought from Micheals a while back. I was trying to stick with stark white and pink in the nursery, so we might save these for her, but we will see once the bed and everything else gets in the room.

Now Mommy gets to use her nesting energy and organize all of the stuff we have been buying and the stuff from Samantha and Ella and Johnny. I am really excited!!! Shawn won't let me stay in her room since he says it still smells too strongly of the paint.

so I guess I will have to finish organizing all of Johnny's cloths from the last two years.

Johnny is spending tonight and probably tomorrow night with Grams and Pops, of course he is having a great time, it is always so exciting for him to go over there. He spent today over there so Mommy and Daddy could get Lily's room painted and his room really clean and tomorrow Daddy is having his orthoscopic knee surgery, so Johnny will continue to get some extra time with Grams and Pops, but I am getting some great reports that he is behaving himself and being curious and sweet.

Here is the sleeper Mommy came home from the hospital in, in Germany in November of 1984! We are going to take it the hospital with us for Lily to wear there, since she has her own extra special come home outfit. This is just one of the many outfits I found in my keepsake boxes this afternoon!! It is so exciting to have these items that where once mine and can now be hers and maybe one day her daughter's!

We have so many ideas for Lily's room and now they can all start to come to life, since everyday I am reminded that we are getting closer and closer to May 28th!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Johnny can do puzzles all by himself!

I told you he was smart! He can so his shapes puzzle all by himself!

Mommy Oval!The diamond his the hardest piece to get straight...but he can do it!

Excuse the background mess, it is not really a mess, bags of good will cloths and a basket of dirty cloths waiting to be washed. We have been doing some intense cleaning to get ready for Lily.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Johnny Cuteness Update

Trying on this summer's bathing suit set. 3T bottoms and a 4T top...Mommy wanted so badly for this to be too big...but it fits just right and is super cute!

Daddy is a couch! really didn't you know that? Daddy has recently injured his knee and has been trying to play with Johnny but the piggy back rides that Johnny has been loving lately have to go away for a little while.

On our way to Ohio this past week end in his new car seat (which goes up to 100 pds! which is wonderful since he has been growing out of car seats faster then we can buy new ones) These are Johnny's friends, Elmo, Big Bird, and yet unnamed Mommy knit monkey. He sleeps with all three every night. After we started on the long road to Ohio Friday evening he pulled all of his friends in the car seat with him and held on tight.

These sunglasses where part of Grams and Pops valentines day gift for Johnny. Isn't he sooooo cool!? He sure thinks so and loves wearing them. The aviator ones are still a little big and wouldn't stay on his face, but he yelled at me when I took them to put them away.

Our life goes on day by day. Mommy and Johnny are now alone at home, but we are getting out a lot more often...each week we try to go to Diaper Gang on Monday with Grams, Sam, Nicole and Ben, pick up Ella from school on Thursday and spend the afternoon at Grams and Pops house and pick up Ella from school on Friday and bring her to our house for some special time together and then a trip to Uncle Tommy's school in the afternoon. Sadly because of the crazy amount of snow we have been getting most of those events haven't happened in a couple weeks but Mommy and Johnny have some how survived....barely :)

Johnny has been developing and learning like a little sponge lately...at an amazing rate! This week end all of a sudden he knew who Uncle Tommy "Tommy," Aunt Natalie "Natalie," and Samantha "Sammi" and Uncle Chuckles "Chuckles" where. (we are still working on Aunt Chel.) Just started calling them by name saying hi when they walked into a room and bye bye when they leave. Asides from names there are few words he can't say or repeat, and he will repeat anything. He has taken to elephants and turtles and points them out everywhere we go, saying them very clearly. But sometimes he favorite word is "no" He will tell you no even when he goes about doing what told him to do. However, he is almost 2 and truly likes to test his limits. You tell him to come here and he just stands there and looks at you or runs away and laughs.

His favorite toys are wooden peg puzzles, stuffed animals, mega blocks and Little People. And of course he still loves to watch his Elmo movies and knows how to work the DVD player. Favorite foods are alvacado, asking for more "cavo," yogurt, cheese sticks, and of course cookies...any sort.

We gave potty training a try a few weeks ago, putting him in undies for two days and trying to rush him to the potty when I saw him wet. I do not think he is ready, he was leaking a lot and didn't have a large amount to let go at any time. So we are going to try again after his birthday, trying a three day naked butt plan or asking Grams and Pops to do it all together. I guess Mommy might not be ready either, diapers are my last clinging to him being a baby.

He is growing so fast and smiling so much. He has his Daddy's semi twisted sense of humor. And he is a two year old. Some days he completely ignores his toys to get into everything else in the house. He likes to wash his hands and help out around the house as much as possible. He has his own little broom and mop or a little wash cloth to help Mommy clean. He loves putting away groceries, but that means he can get into the fridge any time he likes, and he does. I guess these are common 2 year old behaviors but I feel like he is just the most amazying and smartest little boy to ever grow up. I can already see in him a caring heart and a curious nature. I love watching him grow up and though I want nothing more then for him to be my little monkey boy for the rest of his life, I can't wait to meet the man he will become and what he will do with his life.

Friday, February 5, 2010

24 Weeks and 4 days Pregnant

Lily's come home dress...isn't it darling? Grams found it on Ebay!! It is perfect because it is nice and small on the top but flares beautifully! Mommy is going to make a sweater, cupcake hat, booties and a blanket! all in pure white and soft pink!!!

We are going along nice and smooth. Almost in the third trimester, but sometimes Mommy feels like we are already there. Mommy is pretty tired and sore, but Lily is having a grand time in my belly, flipping and kicking A LOT! It is very comforting to feel her, but it also makes the times she isn't moving more stressful. We had our monthly OB apt yesterday and again everything is beautiful!!! Mommy's uterious and weight gain are perfect and Lily's heartbeat is "beautiful" (exact word used by the midwife.) Another blessedly uneventful month! Asides from heartburn, cramps, strange gas pain in my shoulder, some crazy emotions, and a general lack of energy everything is going wonderfully!

We have been nearly stuck in the house for 4 days with the big snow storm that hit this past week end and the other one that is going to hit today and tomorrow. Luckily Mommy is having a nesting and energy surge so a lot has been getting cleaned up and moved around. Though I am still have panic attacks that she is going to be here any minute and we are not nearly ready! I wonder if we ever really will be ready? At least at some point in the next 3 months we can clean out and paint her room!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Making Cookies

We had our special day with Ella today! So we decided to make cookies! Ella always loves to make cookies and so do I. Some of my favorite memories are of making cookies with my Mom and I love to share that with the special kids in my life.

Ella loves mixing the cookies, but Johnny just loved watching the ingredients mix together.

Aren't they cute?

Wow is she old!!

Johnny's favorite part of making cookies is eating the cookie dough, in this case banana peanut butter cookie dough makes it even better.

He cleaned his mixer CLEAN!

Ella was disappointed that she couldn't cut out and decorate the cookies, she wasn't interested in eating them, if she couldn't decorate them...but Johnny was very excited.

I think the no sugar semi healthy peanut butter and banana cookies turned out pretty well...so did Shawn.Here is the book that gave us the great receipt for our kid freindly family bonding cookies. I LOVE this board book, full of get tips and fun cookies!