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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big and great

I just thought I would write a little to let all know that there is nothing really to write about.

It feels like Johnny is getting bigger everyday and more intelligent, learning at every corner. He is starting to make step motions with his legs when you holding him standing by his arms and is on his belly and off and back on all day. He rolls both direction and to and off his belly as he pleases. I love it!!! He is going to get some beets today, and in a few weeks bananas (Daddy Monkey is very excited!!!) He makes motions to start crawling, but I don't doubt he will skip that all together. He is a happy baby, who just makes noise when he isn't so happy, but also makes a lot of noise when he is. He spends half the night with us now, but Shawn doesn't mind. We are still messing with his sleeping sceduale, he doesn't want to sleep during the day, too much excitement.

Shawn has taken on being the Training NCO for his company now, so is really busy at work, but it means he has a lot of positive attention from his command, so E-5 isn't far away, and he might end up as the Platoon SGT, eventually. I think he enjoys the purpose and being needed. He knows what he is doing.

The Dennison's are in Gettysburg this week end and we all wish we could be there too, but we are spending our four day cleaning out closets and going to the gym. We are looking forward to Michele's baby shower in Ohio and meeting baby Wyatt. We are thinking of Tara and baby Kat all the time, I know how great it will be to have these two babies so close in age to Johnny, he will always have friends!!!! We are praying and thinking of Grandpap everyday since he is still in the hospital, having minor heart attacks, and being shocked back, and we pray that the doctors can figure out how to make this better so he can be comfortable and golf again...oh ya so we have him for a few more years!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's a jungle in here!!!

Ella- can you find the two bunnies? I know they are there, but I just can't find them!!!

Look what I can do!!!!

Everything came from the dollar store and I decided to make it into a jungle canopy where Johnny's stuffed animal friends can live. It looks a lot better in person since you can see the bright blue lights better. I just need to find bugs, butterfies and dragonflies and it really will be a jungle in here!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

feeling better

Look how big? Why can't he just always need us. I already feel as if he doesn't anymore, then again, who would make his bottle and not being feed just wouldn't settle with our Gorrila.
So we are both beginning to feel better. Shawn has given me a few breaks, taking care of Johnny at night and getting up with him. Yesterday he came home early and took care of Johnny so I could take a nap. We are getting settle back at home and I have been cleaning and organizing constantly.

I got to go through all of Johnny's cloths and his new stuff that he had that WHERE too big, and reorganize his closet. This outfit is a nine month, that I bought before he was born, thinking he would wear it around Christmas, HA! But he really has a lot of cute stuff now! I love dressing him up.

Shawn is at work today, and tomorrow and the rest of the week until the 4 day week end, that sucks, but that is okay, just more to toss into the getting promoted fire.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home at last

Well, we made it. Johnny and Mommy are finally home in Kansas. We had a great time on our visits, but now it is wonderful to be home with Daddy. He is so amazed at how big Johnny is and all the things he can do. I didn't even realize that he grew in three weeks. He stands while holding your hands, nearly holds his own bottle and talks...a lot!! We are relaxing and unpacking, preparing to do it again in October.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Vacation pictures

Johnny's first ride on a carousal, on the National Mall in DC.

He wouldn't keep those shoes on!! He went bare foot all day. Look at that little belly.

Our Day at Hersery was long :)

Uncle Chuckles and Aunt Shel at Cousin Ella's Birthday party

At the ESPN zone in the Inner Harbor after our very nice dinner for Grams and Pop's 35th wedding anniversary.

Our visit has been a lot of fun and very busy. Johnny has been sleeping a lot the past two days, I guess to catch up on all the busy days. I pray it is not a growth spurt. My 4th month old is as big as the average 1 year old!!!

Grams, Pops and cousin Ella are taking "Jack" to Ohio this week end and giving Mommy a break to hang out with Thomas and Natalie, and get some knitting done :) "Jack" and Ella are going to see Great Grandpap Dennison who has had a brush with a few heart attacks this past week, thank god for his pace maker! We have been praying and praying for a quick recovery and to have him for many years to come.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hershey and cuddles

So we have been in Maryland for 4 days now and it kinda feels like we never left. I forgot how wonderful it was to have Ella, Thomas and Natalie right across the street and Grams and Pops right down the hall. I am always learning and feeling more and more wonderful about being a Mommy each and everyday. Shawn and I make a lot of sacrifices ( a whole lot!!) so that I can be a stay at home mom and I appreciate each one of those more and more. Each smile that Johnny saves just for me is amazing, and takes my breath away. Cloth diapers, organic formula, home made baby food...Moms who do these things always seemed so stuffy and judgemental to me, but now I see, it just makes me feel good to do it for him, I think it is more about me really, feeling good doing it, then the gifts I am giving to his life. I have been feeling unhealthy lately and having trouble losing weight. My mom recommends I see a nutritionist and I am leaning and learning more and more towards organic and more natural foods, more veggies and less red meat and sweets...which sucks since our trip to Hersey World today was so much fun!!!

So now that I am done with my Mommy rambles I will update. Grams, Pops, Johnny and me took Ella to Chocolate World in Hersery PA today. We had the greatest time. Pops let me go into the Y to get Ella from school. She has been so excited to see me each time that she runs to me and opens her arms wide. I love that. I will upload some pictures tomorrow. Grams and me are going to go get some yarn for my soon to be nephew and just spend some nice time together. It is nice to be home for a little while, But we miss Shawn so much!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting to see Grams and Pops

He might be walking soon :)

Look how strong!!
The flight last night was just fine and we are settled for our visit here in Maryland. We miss Daddy so much and he misses us, but we will be back soon!!!