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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We finally got our furniture...after waiting at an empty house for 10 hours...but it is there and the house is so much bigger then we have ever lived in before, so with our stuff in the house it seems like we have a ton of room. We are taking our time unpacking so we can clean and organize and get rid of what we don't need. This is so great, and feels so wonderful tomorrow night we hope to live at home :)

Johnny has been eating more then normal the past two days...oh god I hope this is another growth spurt!! AHHHH :) He has also been needier lately, wanting to be held and just lay on me looking out, when he isn't being held or walked around by one hand he is complaining to be picked up again...we have noticed he has never had a tear!!! I remember when his tear ducks opened (his eyes where really goupy) around 3 months, but still no matter what no tears...will ask the doctor, though sadly we now have to switch pediatritian to military a doctor on post...but it will be okay.

I forgot the camera and pictures at the house where there is not yet any Internet, tomorrow hopefully, but here is the website of with the external pic and the lay out.


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Thats right people we got a house!!!! 3 bedroom 2.5 baths, a seperate dinning room and walk in closets...I even have my own craft "room" :)

So we accepted the house on Friday (in patriot village on post) and Monday we will be recieving our house hold goods!!!! We have been buying bathroom stuff and rugs for the past 2 days...tomorrow we baby prood and paint. Finally we have a yard and a fence, come spring I get to plant!!! This is all so exciting...I have been wanting to paint Johnny's room since we had him, sage green and he got a dark green rug, it will be so cute!!! Will post some pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Accidental Pictures

Last week while we were hanging out at with Charlie, Michele and Wyatt, the had his first professional pictures done and we got to help...but while Wyatt was eating, Johnny was being cute and Terrie (the photographer) took some of Johnny too...


Terrie is the same photographer who took our first family pictures and who will take Johnny's one year pictures. Her day job is at Thomas' school and she just loves babies, so is a ton of fun to do pictures with!!

By the way here are the pictures of Baby Wyatt


Friday, January 16, 2009

Walking consistantly

I just love this outfit....he knows he is cool!

mid step catching his balance

I realise I have been bloging a lot, but there have been a lot of things going on...I would say first steps are blog worthy. I feel like it was barely crawling then pulling himself up and I turned my head for a second and he started walking. John Robert walked at nine months old and it has been more and more lately. It seems every time I turn around he is on his feet rocking to the next wall of chair to hold himself on. So here are a few pictures and videos. I wish I could share with you all how far he really goes, all the way across a room and then back....He will be 10 months old tomorrow, by 11 months he will be walking around the mall (by 12 months asking for the car keys)

Still no news from housing on a move in date. We did feel better when we were told that the disgusting broken down house we were first shown was a mistake and maintenance had not even had a chance to get in to it yet. So now we wait...should be this week... no big deal really, just annoying. But Shawn is settling into his new job very well and preparing to fulling take over...already he sees how to improve and make the post better...he has a lot on his plate since there were 2 complete suicides on post in the last six months, being mental health this is something he can't let go on. He is so motivated....it is cute.

As I write this we received word that Shawn's Great Aunt Marget passed away, it was coming and she is happier now, but we are thinking of you all!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playing at Chick Fil A

He sucks his bottom lip a lot...always a thinker! (as always look at those eyes)
Look at the big boy playing in the big boy toys

Walking...or running away from mommy to get to the bigger boy section!

Static hair from climbing in and how of the tree, you can really see how much he has now...all on the top of his head, like a natural mow hawk!


He liked the soup! (bet you didn't know chick Fil A had soup) And ate an entire apple....he has been eating a lot today!!! Oh how amazing he is and how big and beautiful. He loved playing with/around other kids his size (though twice his age) one girl kept hugging him!!! It was so cute! He would have played all day, though kept wanting to leave the 3 and under section for the bigger kid tunnels where cousin Ella was playing.
Just have to say thank god for sanitizing hand wipes and camera phones :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


After talking to the Dr (not just the nurse) and feeding Johnny a large lunch we have decided to go ahead and give Johnny two snack bottles of formula a day....We need to feel like he is getting everything and every chance we can give him. Though he is thriving and eating like a horse, a large variety of healthy foods, the formula sooths us for two more months. So I should wait until the end of the day to post events :)

bye bye formula

Thats right NO MORE FORMULA!!! Since Johnny had the problems with the formla last month we went to soy milk to give his body a chance to heal from it...well we stopped giving the milk in a bottle and started giving him bigger healthy meals and today I called the doctor and....we no longer have to give him formula or bottles!!! He is doing amazying and is still gigatic and healthy!!! He will stay on the soy until his is one and then regular whole milk!!!!! WOW he is growing up already, but I am so proud of him.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jousting Temporary Lactose Intolorence and WALKING

Shawn and I finally had a date night, thanks to the wonderful baby sitting skills of grams and pops (and how much they love doing it) We went to Medieval Times in Baltimore. It was super fun and check out the gigantic beers!!!! Mommy drank one and a half of these and then wanted to spend $60 on a big dragon for Johnny, we ended up getting him the $10 smaller version and he loves it!

It was so nice to be an adult and have a break after spending a week being thrown up on. Apparently after all of the stomach flu and trying to introduce yogurt Johnny has developed a lactose intolerance, our pedi says it is temporary and in a few days of no lactose he should be able to get his formula back. Johnny started to empty his stomach an hour or two after having a bottle. One night, after the first bought Mommy held him, and let it keep coming out right down the front of her dress in the bath tub, he was very tired and every time I set him down he would try to cry and be bent over with how his stomach bothered him. Papa and Grams running around the house helping us clean up and Mommy just holding a sick monkey trying not to cry. But now he is drinking soy milk (not formula since the pedi said it didn't matter and the milk is cheaper) and we are giving it a week before reintroducing any dairy. But I will be permantly tramitised just by the smell and watching it come out of him, but really as long as he was being held he would let it out and then settle back in, not a noise of complant.

I wanted to show Johnny and his favorite toy. There are four boxes of toys that light up and/or make noise and Johnny loves the stacking rings!!! These two he has tried to carry around and would not let them go. He also has been walking a lot lately!!! Up to 8 steps at a time and every chance he gets. He acually tries to run and throw himself on his target. He really needs little support ever and he often is on the go even when we do not prompt him. I have been trying to get a video for you all, but he gets so excited when he sees the camera he just wants to eat it :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Signed in but no house

So Shawn officially signed in and everything went great. The people at at the community mental health are super nice and Shawn is excited to step into a real NCO position!!! They all love Johnny and there are a lot of babies under one year in the clinic. We did get a chance to get an apartment on post today. We went and looked at it and well...it had a lot of problems. We refused to sign for it and the office said there must have been some problem, with how dirty and how many things were not acceptable and they are going to have an inspector look at it and we will go from there. Shawn and I are exploring all of our options...including off post, but we will see. Thanks to Grams and Pops we always have a home here.

Papa playing with Johnny on the floor
Grams and Pops resuced Minnie mouse and she has become very nice for the kids. She lets Johnny do whatever and never snapes or barks at him, still goes to him!! He really likes her back.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I just wanted to tell everyone how much better everyone is feeling. Papa is still a little run down (well maybe a lot, though he is better then yesterday), but Grams is starting to feel better too. John Robert never for a fever, his noise has stopped running and no longer has diaria!!!!! Tomorrow formula comes back and real food again!! YEAH!!! Momma and daddy took Johnny out for the day to get the car fixed and visit with Uncle Chuckles, Aunt Chel, and Cousin Wyatt. We had dinner with Cousin Wyatt and Johnny was getting so very excited to see him, laughing and jumping up and trying to grab him! I loved it!!

Tomorrow Shawn will be signing in to post and finally start working. We talked to housing and it looks like we could get a nice two bedroom house in the next two weeks. We are number 2 on the list!!!!! It will be so nice to be settled in one place and comfy!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Everyone is Sick!!!

So Johnny and his stomach flu has decided he doesn't want to be alone in his sickness....Daddy was throwing up and then Mommy and now Grams and Pops!!! (we are doing our best to avoid the pregnant woman and the 4 year old across the street and sadly we can't see the 2 week old) Daddy and Mommy had the worst of it yesterday so Papa stayed up with a very hungry and unhappy John Robert last night (the pediatrician said no formula or food until he stopped throwing up and just pedialit, now he is on the BRAT diet...bananas, rice, apples and toast) So Mommy and Daddy got to rest up and we feel much better, a little worn down, dehydrated and tense, but much better, thank you Papa!!! I guess that is all for now....still in the mindst of it all Johnny spends most of his time laughing, except when he is hungry of course...even in the dr's office yesterday, she remarked at how happy he was!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Just a quick update....Johnny caught a little cold a few days ago... no fever, but bugers from nose to chin and a slight cough. Today he threw up a few times and had slimy diaria. None of it seemed to bother him much at the beginning. Acually directly after he threw up he went to put more cherrios in his mouth. Even the diaria, he would stand up let it out and then fall forward onto me. He has been extra tired and eating a little less. But he only let it all out at lunch and after each little nap he feels much better. Today has he felt bad he wanted me to hold him and feel asleep on my chest, it had felt so wonderful to have him asleep on my chest again, and when he woke up he was smiling and happy and beautiful. He is feel much much better!!! He loves him sippy cup of water and cheerros and it always makes him feel better.

Co-sleeping....I love holding my little monkey why he sleeps and soothing him as he wakes. I absolulty love the hour after he wakes in the morning and he is playful and giggly. He dosen't lay down with us in bed untill early morning, and he is kicky most of the night, but the those few hours of sleep when our cycles are one, make me feel so close. That saying I don't sleep very well when he is in bed with us and with younger children it can be dangerous (though the pediatritian says it is okay at his age and mobility) It is getting closer and closer to the time when he needs to spend all night alone in his own bed....I will miss him.

Our sweet boy is so amazying and each day he dose so many more things. He is starting to wave and really interats, he dances and bobs his head with music. He mimics us singing and certain phrases...he is getitng very close to ooops...and momma (yeah!!!) I wish I could share with each one of you all the things he is doing and can't even put them all down in words. We really are so very blessed!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Papa's Birthday and Johnny's First Bites of Cake

John Robert got Papa a T-shirt with his picture on it and John Robert got him self a shirt with Papa's picture on it for the occasion.

Johnny got to eat cherrios off of a fancy Crystal plate at Papa's Birthday party

John Robert loved Papa's birthday hate

Papa loves his grand kids and loved being surronded by them for his birthday

John Robert loves his papa too
Ella and her cousin Sophia decorated papa's birthday cake

Papa loves giving his Grandkids special things and their firsts so John Robert got his very FIRST birthday cake...minus most icing and all sprinkles (apples, cookies and m and ms) :) He loved it!!!! Momma started to cry that it was his first sweet and it was wonderful that is was Papa's Birthday cake.

Looking for more cake :)

Momma tends to try and keep her baby a baby, I was grinding everything I was giving him for a while. Until we got to Maryland and Grams took the cubed steamed sweet potatoes that I was going to mush up and just gave them to Johnny, she also just cut up grean beans and gave those to him...he loves feeding himself and has no problems with any of it. He is using a straw cup and already cutting back on his formula (he will keep it up until 1 year, but will be ready to drink milk right away) He is eating so many new foods now, scrambled eggs, small crackers, and any soft veggies and cut up fruit (grapes he loves) It is all amazying. I guess I just didn't want him to grow up.... Now look at him....growing up....but he will always be my baby....becuase I won't let him not be!

Sorry i got off on a tanget, thinking about the first peas he ate and how they just fell out of his mouth and now he is feeding himself cake...where did the time go?

Papa's Birthday was a lot of fun. Everyone came over and it was so nice to just hang out, eat and chat. Kids running around every where and babies in everyone's arms was wonderful. It is amazying how this family is growing so fast!!!! The adults went to see Valkery (the Tom Cruise movie) since papa loves going to movies and it was acually pretty good, it really sucked you in.
I hope every year is this much fun!!!

There are 109 pictures from today...this is just an sample of the some focused on Johnny...check out land of mary for more later and Thomas' mobile me in a few days.