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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mushy scrap page

I realize how mushy and self indulgent this page is, but I loved the picture of johnny and his daddy from the zoo and it made me think of how I want Johnny to know we will always be here first and foremost we love him and will support him and comfort and watch over him no matter what..so we are his guardian angels...though we are just the ones here on Earth and that leads into more mush that will make me cry.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chloe's second birthday party at the Zoo!

chasing the geese with Grams

Loven time with Papa

This was a small zoo but all of the animals where awake and about and it really got Johnny happy, he watched each one and made sure all of us knew where the animal was.

Our monkey really has become a monkey, climbing on everything!!!!

He wasn't sure about the goats, but pet them anyways.

long day and tired monkey

We had a lot of fun today going to Chloe's second birthday party with Grams and Pops at Brandywine Zoo in Delaware!! Chloe's mom Cheryl went all out and the party was great! Good food and we watched the kids run and have fun, as Johnny sat and ate as long as we let him, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New High Chair

when I put the chair together and put it by the table he go really really excited and laughed and wanted in it!!

The an hour later he decided he was hungry and went to the chair doing the "eat" sign, which is just pointing to his mouth.

Oh so big eating at the table...growing up so fast.

So we are giving/lending/passing on Johnny's baby high chair on to his new little cousin

and Johnny got a big boy high chair which I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

growing, hudge feet

current shoe, size 6 on left, keepsake first shoe on right, size 3.

so I like to think of myself as a photographer sometimes...I have considered classes, but lighting frightens me, but Thomas was doing some very cool stuff yesterday, so I might change my mind.

So I pulled out Johnny's keepsake cloths today because Grams is going to make a blanket out of his cute onses, and I found these shoes...this little monkey's feet are huge and they just keep getting bigger. He skipped size 4 shoes and was only in 5s for a month or so, leaving us scrabbling to find 6 wides! But cons always fit!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pictures of Johnny meeting Samantha

Oh how cute...must give him a brother or sister.

So this is all I have today. I spent another day visiting my new niece and shopping with my mom while Shawn stayed home with Johnny. This past week has been a little crazy for him, and he is unsettled. When I left the house this morning he cried very hard and yelled Momma very loud, it made me feel horrible. He wants his system back in place. However he settled into spending another day with Daddy very nicely after I left and tomorrow Shawn heads back to work and hopefully Sam and Nat get to go home and life can start to even out.

This evening we went to the park with Ella and Uncle Tommy and discovered that Johnny LOVES slides!!! Especially it seems the covered ones, he laughed as he sat down and the entire way down, it was adorable!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Samantha settling into the world

Hi there pretty girl, it is so wonderful to meet you.

Enjoying the dolly Aunt Nenni made just for her

gotta love the button nose!

Proud Uncle Shawn, getting used to such a tiny baby

I couldn't get enough of holding her, any extra moment I could get.

Johnny had a good time meeting his new cousin (I have no pictures...see here)
But got a little wound up and Uncle Tommy took care of that :)

Today was long but very calm. Nat had a scheduled C and everything was so smooth and everybody is doing very well!!! It is so wonderful to have another niece and another friend and cousin for Johnny. Johnny got and lost interest in the baby on and off as we where there, but he did say "baby" in reference to her...it was very cute..I know he wants a baby brother or sister.

I now have 2 nieces and 1 nephew...I found myself naming off there birthdays today and making lists of things I wanted to do with them and knit for them...I love all the babies and especially this new one, I hope with all of my heart she is a good friend for Johnny and he is for her.

A New Little Cousin

Samantha Adair Dennison has joined the world!!!!
see here
Johnny gets to meet his newest little cousin this afternoon while Mommy sits at the hospital wait to hold her new neice...I am so happy and excited...this is amazying

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Best Monkey Daddy

Happy Father's Day 2009!!!
I hope that Johnny always understands what his Daddy has done for him and how much he loves him. He never choose or wanted to be gone for his birth, but without hesitation he picked up his 2 month old son and did everything he could to care for him and show his love. He moved us back home so Johnny could grow up with his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents and to this day Daddy works 8-12 hours a day including 2 sessions of Pt and every night makes time to play with Johnny, help Momma with the house and give the monkey a bath and bedtime ritual!!!! BESTEST MONKEY DADDA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the big boy who loves this dora baby doll. He even carried it to church squeezing it all the way. (church did not go all that great, he got wiggly and board so he went to the nursery care, for the first time with people he didn't know, he had to have special treatment...the sweet lady held him and let him watch Veggie Tails and eat Teddy Grams) oh and this is the outfit that Great Grandpap got him for his baptism!!! I thought it would never fit.

So this is Papa playing the shrimp game with Johnny...this is where Papa makes the shrimp dance and talk until you eat it...this is why Momma doesn't eat shrimp any more.

This is what "Jack" got Papa...a specialty made hat!

"Allllllllllll Done"

Daddy's Father's Day gift was a computer game he had been eyeing...and some water balloons and squirt guns to play with Johnny.

Our Father's Day was spent with our family and our Papa. We went to a movie with Papa, Thomas, Nat (and Nat's mom), Chuckles and Michele and we had this picture done by Thomas made into a slide and put up on the screen...he really liked it. Afterwords we went to my parent's house for chili and deviled eggs and some time together....it was really nice.

Tuesday we finally get to meet our new niece Samantha who will be born via C-section and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! I can't explain what it is like, she is just my niece but I loved her the moment that her Daddy told us she was coming, I started crying and every time I think about the moment of seeing her I start to cry again.

Festival and Lewis Family Visits

This is from the campground in Darlington, it was just a festival and it was a lot of fun, Friday June 19th.

Johnny is a boys boy...he would play in the dirt for hours if I let him and today I let him :)

The pool at the campground was so cool, especially on such a hot day...surprisingly Johnny loved the water, as long as he stayed on the stairs with Momma...but Kat (my best friend Tara's 7 month old daughter) floated in this special floated and would kick her way to Johnny and he would push her away (as he tried to flip her) and they would both laugh and do it again and again.

This is the Lewis Family...Tara, Tim and Kat...they came down from the mountains to go to the local festival, see us and then off on the rest of their vacation....it was so great to see them, the last time I saw them was when Johnny was 5 months old and Kat was still a peanut!

Kat made me cry when I first finally got to see her...I have known her mom for 3 years now and she is a miracle baby in many ways and so sweet!!!

Kat really took to Shawn, leaning in to hug and kiss him a lot, trying to leap from her Momma as they where trying to leave :)

Johnny being the hungry monkey he is, was super sweet to all as we were eating dinner :)

Much to all of our pleasure Kat and Johnny got along super super well and played together a lot, sharing and being sweet.

But Johnny still went off on his own a little...this reading books thing on his own is new and so great.

Hey she really likes him...but he is a little too small to hold her (though twice her weight and age:)

so cute

loven the tickles from Auntie Tara

And his future girlfriend making sure he was okay, taken good care of him.

Friday and Saturday where about catching up with old friends and showing off. It was all so much fun!!!! Friday Johnny and Momma went the 13 miles to Darlington to a local festival to meet up with our friends the Lewis family...It was so much fun to sit around and talk with my friend Tara, realizing..wow we are Moms...what happened :) , showing Johnny off and playing with Kat. Saturday with the rainy weather our friends came to visit us at the house and have dinner and just relax a little. The kids took to each other and our families settled nicely into each other...it is sad they live to far away and it will probably be 6-12 months before we get to see them again ....sad.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

more scrappy from Tara

My best friend Tara is still a great digi scrapbooker!! She uses johnny often and I love it...here is her latest work

Pool Fun

Johnny was not a big fan of the pools, he was scared and latched himself onto the one who was holding him and wow was he winny, but Uncle Tommy did a great job of getting him to enjoy a little.

This he did like, just a little waterfall, until he accidentally got his face too close.

having fun with Ella and Chloe in the back ground.

Not quite sure what is wrong here, slides are not scary, but Johnny would beg to differ.

When we took a break from swimming there was this tree house and large play area inside the athletic club, this kids really really loved it all. This was an obstacle course to go over and under and threw things...this particular padded obstacle was not big enough for him to go under...but he did calmly.Ella doing her rolls down the mats...such a big girl.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun with Uncle Tommy, Ella and Chloe (johnny's daily playmate and our friend's daughter) Uncle Tommy gave me a free 5 day pass to the Bel Air Athletic Club where they have a summer membership...it is a really nice place. All the pools where heated so the water was nice and warm and when we went inside they had a lot of really fun things for the kids to climb around. It was a very nice day with my brother.