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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Year Scrapbook Half Done

I would greatly appreciate ANY constructive criticism...I have put a lot of time into this and I really want it to be perfect for Johnny. I have used the same background and themes throughout, so it is conhesive, however if I used something too often, not enough or if anything looks out of place with the page or book, please feel free to let me know...I need the outside opioions...thanks!! Done is up to pulling him self up...the rest if just organized pictures until end.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maryland Faire Fest

I just wanted everyone to know Momma and Johnny will be going to the Maryland Farie Fest May 16 ...anyone is welcome to join us...I really enjoyed it the last time we went and am looking forward to Johnny going, however shawn will be at training.

farie fest


My sister-in-law showed me this article a few weeks ago and I finally found the courage to post it here. It helped me with me shed some light on my guilt and thought process about breastfeeding. I will say no more because that is not what this blog is about...however I am increadably proud and happy for the many moms in my life who have and do breastfeed...but breast is best puts women like me who formula fed automatically in a class with women who mash up chicken nuggets. When we finally do get number two I have no idea if I will breastfeed, and it is wonderful to know I am not alone and there is more abjective info out there.

the case against breasfeeding

this is not an article saying anything of the sort to deter women from breastfeeding, but points out that it isn't SO much better then claimed...I recommend any read it weither or not you breasfeed...the writter breasfeed 3 babies.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daddy is a horse

Zoo and down to DC

Wanting to play with the Meerkats

Refusing to keep his sunglasses on his eyes...or his hat on his head...but his sunglasses on his head are okay.
There is something up there...they both see it!

This was Johnny's favorite...a Shrew!! We had to drag him away when other kids wanted a turn.

Looking at a yellow monkey...Momma should have been reading the signs instead of taking so many pictures.

HUGE Catfish...really!!
Learning at the kids farm

It was so Hot...poor baby was great about it all!

Not letting go of Momma's hand.

YEAH my own water!!!

After a change of cloths we ended up at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum to cool off...he got so excited to push his stroller.

Washington Memorial.

Jefferson Memorial...NO CHERRY BLOSSOMS

Look at those teeth

Playen on the green by the river

The only Cherry Blossoms we found anywhere and the empty tree I thought they should be on.

Riden the metro and holding on.

We have a very nice day at the National Zoo and the walking the Mall in downtown DC. It was hot but Johnny was wonderful and it was a great day all around. Shawn and I decided we don't spend enough time there, there is so much to see and do we need to make a point of going back. Johnny had a great time, though I had very badly wanted to see some Cherry Blossoms, but it looks like we missed them, next year we will make a point to get there on time.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Own Little Playground

Isn't he cute? and he loves playing outside!!!

He turtle sandbox and green sand...thanks Uncle Tommy and Aunt Natalie!

His twisty tossy sprinkler...thanks Uncle Chuckles and Aunt Chel!!!

Storming away after Mommy and Daddy tricked him into getting wet...maybe it is not warm enough yet :)

His slide...borrowed from Cousin Ella....till Sam is big enough next!

Orginally we thought we would head up to Dc today and see the museums...but when we saw how beautiful it was outside we decided to stay home and play in our back yard. Johnny has his own playground..he has sandbox, slide, sprinkler, his size basket ball hoop, and lawn mower and wheel barrel and other various toys...plus his newest addition his own size picnic table!!!! WHAT FUN!!!!

In other news and for my own records...these are the words Johnny can say and understand..
Meow (he talks to the cat)
All Done
Here Ya Go

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ice Cream

We are all disappointed that we didn't make it to Chicago for this week. (we did get to do a video conference with Grandma Sharon and GG last night, they watched Johnny eat...how exciting) So we thought we would get out for a couple hours today. We just went to Havre de Grace, which is a cute littl community down by the bay, right off post. We got some ice cream and went into a couple local shops.

Not real exciting, but it is fun to give Johnny something special like ice cream and make an event out of it.

He spent most of our walk running away from us ;)

Picking out his Ice Cream

Yummm...Daddy and Johnny sharing a brownie sunday

But Daddy I wanted the cherry!!!

Reaching for ice cream!!! YUMMMMMMMMM

Our Treky Baby.......

This was Johnny favorite little shop, a used book shop. He ran around pulling books off the shelf then sitting down and flipping through it for a few minutes.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Monkeying Around

Isn't this adorable? My friend Tara made it for Johnny!!! Just thought I would share :) Thanks Auntie Rhi ;)

Surprise Gone Wrong

So now that the surprise party is under way I can write about the crazy events that took over our day yesterday.

We had been planning for months to go to Chicago to surprise G G Storm for her 80th birthday. After working out leave and flights and money we had it under way. We decided to drive for the money aspect and were very set to be on our way yesterday. I spent two days cleaning the house and doing laundry, preparing the house to be empty for a week, including removing any perishable food and scrubbing bathrooms. We woke up yesterday morning, packed the car, got gas and where on our way. Two hours into the trip Shawn was updating his mother and I was driving when the car started to make a loud noise, it got louder and louder until we started to smell burning and the car began to slow down on it's own. We pulled over and got the car to a little off the high way body shop. They looked very closely at the car and discovered there was no oil!!!! It had all leaked out. Apparently with the cycle of storage and long drives we had pretty badly messed up the under parts of the car. This little shop wanted $800 to fix it!!!! Getting Johnny to GG for her surprise seemed to be further and further away. We were lucky enough to be only 40 mins from my brother's body shop (he is a service advisor at a Saturn dealer ship, this shows how insane his communit is) The little shop filled us with oil and we drove carefully to my brother, who helped us out a lot. He some how knocked the price down to $500 and lent us his own car to use for the next week while ours is being fixed....but....this all happened so quickly it seems. I called an airline that we use typically and they wanted $500-$700 to fly there.....We had little choice...there was no way we where going to make it to Chicago for G G.

This was out of our control, and everyone is very understanding, GG even cried with thanks (along with the shock of her surprise party going on around her in Chicago) that we even tried. But I can't help but feel horrible about the entire thing. It was a huge let down and disappointment all around. Thank goodness Johnny didn't understand he wasn't going to Grandmas like promised (though he wasn't very happy about the events as happened) That was our Friday...Shawn took en entire week of leave to sit at home...ahhhhhh....but this is being an adult I guess.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Being Sprayed with the Hose

Running around outside being sprayed by Daddy.

Running away and to Mommy for help.

Look at those tiny wet foot prints.
picking up mud from out one mud puddle.

Gorilla pose!

Mommy's attempt at being artistic with baby feet in mud.

While Mommy was cleaning bathrooms the boys thought they would be sweet and plant my rose bush out front. SOOO sweet!!! But needles to say Johnny got pretty dirty, so instead of going right to the bath tub we thought we would take advantage of the sunny day and let Johnny play in the mud and spray him down with the hose. He wasn't as interested in the mud as I wanted him to be, even when I handed him a worm he didn't care much. But he enjoy running from the hose as Daddy sprayed him.

Sleep Over at Grams and Pop's house

Johnny loves his little cousin!!! And Papa loves his Grandsons!!

Johnny drinking his cup sitting at the table like a big boy!

Claping for Papa with strawberry face.

See Johnny thinks he owns every house!!! Storms around and demands what he wants!

Oh my god how big he is, brushing his four little teeth!

Sleeping on Papa.

Johnny had a sleep over at Grams and Pop's house last night, giving Mommy and Daddy time to clean and pack and letting Johnny spend some extra time with Grams and Pops. Every time I called I could hear him laughing in the back ground. He had strawberries and played chase and meowed at the cat (that is right he talks to the cats!! "meau" :) He got to see his cousin Wyatt and loves him, is so sweet!! He wasn't excited to come home :) just shows you how much fun he had.