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Monday, March 30, 2009

Saying Uh Oh

I don't know if this is officially his first word, but the more he says it the more clear it gets.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

pictures and a nothing week end

Daddy was very happy to show Johnny his very first rainbow...really Daddy took him out of his high chair in the middle of dinner because he wanted him to see this...really Johnny was interested...in his dinner in the house...poor daddy :)This is what happens when you order french fries!! Shawn had ordered them, they where sitting in a closed box next to me, Shawn was across from me and the next thing we knew the room was very quite and Johnny was very happy, sitting less then a foot from my feet...sneaky ninja monkey! Oh how pretty those eyes!

Daddy finally got his computer and moved it down stairs...Johnny wanted to play too :) so he spun the baby around and he loved it!

More week end daddy play time

Momma trying very hard to get a picture of the updated teeth, both up and bottom are really starting to come down, but this is the best I could do for now.

Morning milk in his chair!

We didn't do anything this week end really...It was nice, but now the house shows our nothing week end and this week I must get into gear...finally.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Year Check Up

Just so everyone knows...Johnny is a super healthy super large monkey boy!
26 lbs 1 oz
31 nches tall
head circumference 18.9

90th percentile all around. He has gone down from 100th at his 9 month appt, which means he might be evening out...yeah! and boo at the same time.

He got some shots and that made momma hystarical. I was surprised how upset I got about the shots. He got his MMR which makes me nervous, and the guy who did it said that is the one that hurts and made him cry, but he stoped as soon as I picked him up and had only the smallest fever in the afternoon and is perfectly fine today.

The dr was very impressed with his walking and eating and said he was amazying...we already knew that though :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

using blocks

Look at him go...holy crap he is so old. He was doing a great job!! Putting the blocks exactly where it would settle in and hit it gently down...one on top of each other...up to 3!
Today he started signing back to me...he signed "stop" back to me (so he told me to stop telling him to stop hehehe) I feel bad we stopped signing to him for a while because he didn't seem receptive, but he really understands and is doing it back, wish we would have been doing it for the past months, who knows how well he could be communicating...mostly he still yells at us... hard not to laugh at him since you can almost hear him yelling "feed me momma NOW" or "attention I demand attention" :)
He is funny. He can form "stop" but he won't clap! He laughs and bangs his head back and forth and hit up and down anything around when he gets excited.
I wanted to take a few minutes again and write about the stuff he is doing lately.
Eating like a horse and typically doesn't stop when he is full, just slows down. For breakfast he gets a big up of milk, a banana (which I just hand to him in thirds) and unflavored oatmeal mixed his multivitamin. For lunch he gets an egg with melted cheese, a veggie(peas, green beans, broccoli, carrots, avocado, green peppers, cucumbers...), rice or noodles or crackers, and watered down juice. Around 4 when he wakes from his second nap he has fruit and water for a snack...lately it has been melon or pineapple. For dinner he has poultry and veggies again with a grain and then a 4 oz yogurt and water. He still has issues when we eat even if we just fed him and filed him to capacity. He likes to carry his sippy cup around with water in it.
He stores items in his new truck...when I need a pacifier that is where he has put it. And loves dramatic peak a boo. He thinks he is pretty funny when he takes your stuff and runs and tears apart something he knows he shouldn't be into. He stands on his own with no help now, putting his hands on the floor and putting his butt into the air then stading up. He barely ever crawls any more unless he gets very excited and falls and is too excited to stand again. He is very steady on his feet now, however if you are too close to him and turn suddenly he will fall down and look at you as if you killed his puppy. When he wants to be picked up he runs toward you with his arms in the air wiggling his fingers and making noise...until he runs into your legs and rubs his head against your legs and grabs at your pants, tugging. He can be very sweet and when he wants to be he snuggles his head into your neck and closes his eyes for just a minute. His kisses are a head bang forehead to forehead. He gets out Momma and Dadda a lot more often and I think he is starting to understand that they relate to us.I can't wait to hear him say Mommy!

He goes to sleep on his own so easily now. Just hug him, kiss him and tell him you love him then lay him in his crib and if he is tired he will go to sleep. He is till taking two naps and is always ready for them. He does wake up some times and I have to let him cry for a few minutes and he usually curls up and goes back to sleep, if not I can cuddle him calm and lay him back down awake and out he goes. Night is different. We have been letting him come to bed early in the morning since he was 3 months old. He still wakes and won't go back to sleep until he is in between us. He spreads out and puts one leg on me and one arm on Shawn, and usually wakes when Shawn leaves for work. I know we will have to stop it soon, but I miss him when we don't bring him to bed.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Party

Super brow and super mess

Uncle Tommy feeding Johnny his third lunch. Mommy made a special Shepard's pie.

Papa letting Johnny see cousin Wyatt...Johnny loves babies!

Johnny's new Indians Pull Over wind breaker...thanks Uncle Chuckles

Johnny and his bubble lawn mower...this toy is so cool...it even sounds like a lawn mower...thanks Litterals!!

Our baby's first birthday party!

Johnny's birthday party has come and gone...momma needs a nap and a break...we can't do this again for a year...oh momma is so funny hehehehe
It was a very nice day! Some of our friends couldn't come and I felt disappointed, but I think it just shows me I have to get out and meet people and keep friends better. Our family was all there and our friends Jeff, Cheryl and Chloe came and they were so much fun! Chloe is about 19 months old and Johnny just adores her! We over decorated the house is green and four leaf clovers, had pots of gold and cookies every where, as well as some green mint tea that did not come out very well! I burnt Johnny's tongue on some Shepard's pie and then stuck my hand in the pitcher of tea to get an ice cube to make him feel better...opps on both accounts.
I wish Johnny could remember this birthday when he gets older! He will have a couple hundred pictures, a scrapbook and big book of keep sakes and all I can really hope for is that all of those things give him the loved and loving feeling we all felt this past week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Year one pictures

you know i am about to get on scrapblog and do some cool stuff :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Birthday Ended...Oh What a Day!!!

Johnny's birthday dinner was sauerkraut, dumplings, and calbasi...a Dennison family favorite. Much to the shock of his Aunts and Uncles, Johnny ate every bite...then had spaghetti noodles and shrimp...his first shrimp...and hey big surprise...he liked that too :) There is nothing he won't eat...and yet there are things he prefers...LIKE CAKE!!!

I think the cake pictures speak for themselves :)
This is the chair that Grams and Pops got Johnny! Holy Crap it is nice and cute and I love it!
HE CAN READ!! Okay he is just pretending, but that is still very cute!
Opening books from Grams and Pops

Reading his Dr. Seuss Birthday book. It is one of Mommy's favorites and I still read it every year and so will he.
The end of a very long day and getten ready for bed.
So it is over...Johnny is ONE. I can deal with that eventually....
Believe it or not I held back on the pictures :) Just a cute array. It was a lot of fun this evening and very sweet. Our family sat around talking and watching the house be run over with kids...really they were every where laughing and screaming and having a lot of fun!
A Run Down of what he has gotten:
Momma and Daddy got Johnny a play door and a truck of blocks (more to come)
Grams and Pops got Johnny a leather chair, a wagon, and Dr Seuss Books
Grandma Sharon and GG Storm sent a pop up tent and tunnel play set
Tara ,Tim and Kat send Johnny toy drum set
Uncle Tommy and Aunt Natalie got Johnny a Turtle sand box and green sand
Ella gave Johnny Wuzzbe
Uncle Chuckles, Aunt Chel and Wyatt got Johnny a very cool sprinkler and a Indians jacket
Grandma Joyce sent a very cute card and money
God Mommy Chrissy sent a cute baby blessing ornament and card
Aunt Cookie sent a sweet card as well as GG Storm, and Aunti Pat
We are over whelmed!!!! Everyone has been so sweet and Johnny's birthday has been wonderful for all of us!! I hope that I have thanked each one of you personally because this is not the best way, but again THANK YOU!!! I am going to hang up all of his cards in his room!
So the day is ended and I am drained. I spent a lot of time crying this morning about having a ONE year old and this afternoon just went and got done everything that I needed to, but now I am coming to a close....I have nothing else to say. Yes he is no longer a baby, but this day just makes me realise how many more birthday and years we have to come...and that makes me very happy and super excited!!