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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Setteling in

Hello all, thought it was about time for an update. We have been in Kansas for about 1 week now and things are going very well. Johnny and me are home sick, but we are getting his schedule down and playing a lot to make ourselves feel better. The kitchen, living room and the parents bedroom are 85% completely done and Johnny's room has been a catch all for everything we didn't know where to put, so we have a lot of work to do for him, but his crib is set up and his cloths are out, it is wonderful!!! We have a small patio and a little bit of yard that I can garden with, so hopefully next month I can plant a little bit and me and Johnny can start spending some time outside. I also found a few Mom's group in the area and we have our first big play date on Tuesday, I am a little nervous, but this group is exentisive and there should be mom's of all ages and if I want I can probably blend in for a little while.

Johnny is sleeping threw the night, in his pack and play at the foot of our bed, and is eating 8 full ozs every 4 hours, burping, peeing and pooping to match. He is growing so fast, but doesn't have another appointment 4 months. We are planing our visit to Maryland and then to Michigan this August, while Shawn goes to PLDC and gets his E-5. We are working hard on CLEP courses and college to get Shawn to officer level so we can have more Johnnys. :) I think that is all for now, we aren't up to much but unpacking and Johnny is amazing, but not do too much yet. I will post pictures when we have them.

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Tara said...

YAY Michigan! LOL... can't wait to see you and the wee one!! By the way that video is too cute, even Tim was giggling :)