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Monday, April 11, 2011

A few Beautiful Days

Finally the cold is starting to subside and the warm spring weather is starting to emerge...but only after it storms and is gloomy. Last week we had our very first beautiful day of the season and Lily finally got to go to the park!

She loved the wagon and being so close to Johnny, she just giggled at him the entire trip.

But the grass was a new sensation that she wasn't so sure of.

We got her to give a little wave for the pictures (which my friend Leslie took, thanks!)

But she never really took to it.

Meanwhile, under the slide Johnny was making friends, as he always does! He is great about clinging to friends he has already made (Morgan) and jumping on the chance to talk to this new little boy whose name I don't know.

But the three of them could not be separated!

Lily Bean loved her first swing ride and would have sat their for hours as long as I would keep pushing her.

And Johnny was off showing us all that he is no longer a baby!

It was a full week before we had another warm and sunny day to enjoy outside. After a trip to the park Johnny was red faced and worked up so we pulled out the sprinkler and let him have some fun!

He was also covered in dirt and mud so I didn't bother to change him, and he didn't want to be changed.

He had sprinkler fun for 45 minutes before the spring breeze made it too chilly and he had to come in. But I know he will sleep great tonight and I look forward to many many more warm and beautiful days.

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