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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

11 Months

I have again gotten caught up in life and lost track of time. My baby doesn't seem to be baby like any more, Lily Jean is 11 months old! Her birthday party is in the works!

Her perfect little personality is coming out more and more every day! She likes to lay back and put her feet up.

She has also become extremely mobile. She doesn't seem to know that she can walk, so she won't take those first steps. But she crawls like a champ and very fast!

She is always into everything! You can't keep anything away from her.

She has also grown to love being outside as much as her brother does and will spend hours in this swing if we let her.

Samantha comes to visit us once a week, so we get an entire day with her! And Lily LOVES her. She sqwells and jumps when she sees her and is always pulling herself up on her, which Sammi could do without.

Like I said, she is into everything and one of her favorite toys is this laundry basket! She is in and out of it all day long, I don't have the heart to put it away, since she loves it so much.

I feel like Lily is so unique. Every day is a new adventure and she remains as the happiest baby ever! She goes and goes without a second thought. She is also the wigglyiest baby ever, she is NEVER still and the only time she will cuddle is in the middle of the night.

There is nothing she can't eat, even with only two little teeth. But she LOVES bananas and hard boiled eggs. The pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start letting her ween, which is great becuase she has very little interest in bottles or formula any more. She will suck on it for a few minutes but never takes in more then a couple of ounces. So we are offering her a sippy of Organic milk at each meal and water or juice sippys in between. I only give her a bottle is she is fussy and I think she needs the comfort to help her sleep. She still hasn't gotten the hang of sippys and will suck out too much water into her mouth and then it ends up all over the front of her. We keep trying different cups, she will get the hang of it.

I am always looking for the words to descibe Lily Bean Jelly Bean. She has such energy and spirit. She smiles at every single person she sees and if they don't see her or don't smile back she makes cute little cooing noises and smiles more to get their attention. No matter what she is wearing (though Mommy still loves dressing her up for any occasion) she is the center of every room and has compete strangers ohh and ahhing over her. I wish I could record the hundreds of people who tell me how beautiful she is.

Beauty and shear adorablness are not Lily's only gifts. She is also so so so smart, she is almost too good to be true. She tries to repeat every word she hears. And can say Momma and Daddy and knows who we are. She also says bye bye very clearly and waves to go along with it. Conventional toys do no interest her, but give her a piece of paper and she is completely happy. I can see her, and this perfect little blessing, I have to take a step back and wonder how I was so lucky to be so blessed with such an easy and happy child, again!

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