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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting Ready for School

Yes, you read that right, Johnny is preparing for his first year of Pre-School!!!! Scary right? 3 and half years ago school was the last thing on my mind, it seemed like a million years away. But Kindergarten really is only 2 years away and we wanted to make sure our smart little boy has every opportunity to succeed!! So 2 days a week for 2 and half hours a day Johnny will be learning and playing and sitting in a class room like a big boy.

Mommy and Johnny have spent the summer learning everything we can. We focused on colors, shapes and letters, but this week we started on tracing and writing! He loves doing his work books and earning stickers for each page that he completes.

Yesterday we got the packet from Johnny's school with his official start days and school supply list, so today we headed to Target to get him everything he would need.

Mommy made a "toddler" sized backpack, but it proved to be too small to hold everything the school wants to send home every day, so Johnny got to pick out a new back pack. This camo one was our first option.

But in the end this is the back pack he choose, Mommy is going to put some dinos and his name on it with the embroidery machine.

Johnny was so excited to get his crayons and glue sticks and fat pencils that he carried it all around in a shopping basket by himself as we walked around the store.

And just becuase Lily is adorable, here is she, smiling the day away as she always does.

Yes I am ignoring the fact that I am super behind in my blog posts. I have decided to just pick up and move on. I love blogging for my kids and this is their baby books, but the over load of back posts that I want to do was just keeping me from getting back to this. So I will back date birthdays and our recent vacation, but that is it, sorry!

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