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Monday, February 20, 2012

Settling In

Life has changed. Friday we handed over the key to our house and mailbox key and stepped away from the house we called home for more then 3 years. It is all very strange. I did not like that house, ugly floors, florescent lights that kept going out, sink that kept backing up.... but Johnny had his first and second birthday parties in that house and Lily came home from the hospital to a pink room in that house and we had ALL of her first there. It was a home and I hope we can always remember it that way. Happy days and restful nights.

So now everything has started. We are settling very nicely into Grams and Pops house...our home and feeling like we have always lived here. Johnny has an awesome new bed and we are finding just the right place for everything, the tons of stuff we seem to "need." Every day my mom brings the kids down to me at 7 am (when she goes across the street to take care of my nieces) and I feel over whelmed with gratefulness at how easy they have made this for us. It was not one hour after we got the word that Shawn was being deployed that both of my parents told us this is were we need to be, it is.

Our First night in Grams and Pops house, our new home! Johnny was very excited to get to sleep in the same room with his sister!

Such a good sleeper usually. But she handled the move worst of all of us. She walked around and cried and pulled on Grams the most to be carried around. She kept waking up in the middle of the night and just wanted someone to sit with her. The last day she was in the APG house she walked to each room and cried in it as she realized that the house was emptying out. It broke my heart, but she knows Grams and Pops house so well that before 3 days passed she was sleeping soundly again. Though she doesn't like it when anyone leaves the house, it is like she knows what is coming.

Johnny's first night in his bright new bed! HE LOVES IT!!!

The most amazing parents and Grandparents ever took in 4 grandkids on Valentines day so that Mommies and Daddies could go out on the town. The kids loved the sleepover, cousins are like built in best friends and these kids always have play mates!

Ella was more excited then anyone else! She loves the new room designs and sharing the room with Johnny was her favorite!

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Anonymous said...

love reading your blogs!! hope all are settling in well!! need to catchup soon. Hope you have a great trip to Chicago!!