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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big Hungry Baby

Everything here is progressing very well. Johnny had his two week appt with his doctor this week. He is 9 lbs 9 oz and 21.25 inches, for those of you keeping track, the little piggy gained 1.6 pds and grew an inch...in two weeks. He is in the 75th percentile and he just can't get enough to eat. He is already taking 4 oz every three hours, and I don't think we are far away from it being 5. But at this point he needs what he needs and he won't over eat. He is just a big boy, and very healthy!!! Strong!!!! and beautiful!!!!!! He works hard at getting his head up and looking around as much as possible. I love laying with him, recently we have found that we both enjoy him laying upright against my chest, with his head buried under my chin. I feel so close to him when we lay like this. For a few days I was feeling distant from him, I was scared we weren't bonding. I love him so much, but I was scared he wasn't getting attached to me, or soothed by me. But we cuddle and I sing and play games and everything is going to be fine. I am still scared that I don't know what I am doing, but I am figuring it out. With the help of my parents and family and a few books I am following my maternal instincts very well, it feels great.

Recently we discovered that I have a yeast infection in one of my breasts. He couldn't have my breast milk until I am healed and that would be at least 10 days or he could get thrush. (I also have to microwave my bras to kill the bacteria) Since I was struggling with the breast milk to begin with we decided to move on to formula exclusively. I know this is what is best for us, I struggled with it a lot and felt very guilty. But I got a book called "When breast feeding is not an option" and have spent a lot of time staring at Johnny and I believe now that my hungry baby wasn't going to get enough from my breast.

Daddy is coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without saying what I can't he will be back in Kansas before the 15th of this month. We will have a home on the 17th and our family will be complete on the 9th of May. Johnny and I really wish we could be in Kansas when Daddy has his welcome home celebration, but he is too young and we are saving money smartly. Daddy is very excited, words can not explain, we all miss each other and are over whelmed with getting back to a normal routine and being together.

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