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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Daddy is 25

"look Johnny you bought me this, thanks"

Johnny discovered paper and how much fun it is.

Opening presents...eating cupcakes and cookies...it was a nice day.

GIVE ME MY JUICE!!!! I can almost reach...just a little more.

On Friday Shawn officially turned 25 years old. It was a simple day. Shawn more or less just likes getting special food. Johnny and me took Burger King to him at work and I made his favorite meal for dinner...shake and bake pork chops, mashed potatoes, apple sauce, and creamed corn. He enjoyed it! Perfect timing Shawn received sweet and funny cards from Illinois, cloths and netflix from Maryland, school books from the other side of Oakwood ln and many phone calls. Thank you to everyone!!!! Johnny got his daddy a book of native America legends that hopefully one day they can read together and mommy got daddy leather bracers to wear at the renn fest next month, Octoberfest beer and cupcakes!! All in all we just relaxed and enjoyed not having to get up early the next morning. Thank you all!!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday. We didn't realize your birthday and Mark's birthday were just a day apart (his was the 11th and turned 29) We'll try to remember for next time. Hope it was a good one.
Mark and Kara

Tim and Tara said...

Happy Birthday Shawn! :o)