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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Times I love

I have recently been very happy. I know crazy to think :) But there are these moments during everyday when I am so happy it overwhelms me. Every week end morning when Johnny, Shawn and me wake up. It always starts with Johnny just looking at us (we aren't sure how long before us he wakes up) but as soon as he sees our eyes open he just looks at us and his face is taken over with that breath taking smile. Then the three of us lay in bed and play. We tickle and giggle and cuddle together for as long as we can. It is like a fairy tale.

In the evenings, every day, after Shawn comes home and we have eaten and cleaned up, again the three of us lay on the coach or floor and roll around. It is so fun to watch Johnny react and to make up the inner monologue. He grabs Shawn by the nose and bites his face, then makes a horrified face as if to say "Daddy you need a shower." I know it doesn't sound like much, but he does so many adorable things and to have all three of us together it is a fairy tale. Then there is the Monkey bath given by Shawn and in inevitable call for "Momma" to see something that Shawn thinks is adorable, but of course Johnny won't do it again...I love it.

Every day can't be like this, but it feels like it is. I miss my family so much I just start crying. My daddy is flying all over the world and Mommy is at home. Ella is doing cute things and I miss them and my nephew grows and I can't see or be involved. I love you all so much, I wish you could be involved in this daily here. I take a lot of comfort in knowing you are proud of me and that I can always come home, thank you for giving me this life and the ability to enjoy it!!!

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Natalie said...

You describe those moments so well Jenn...funny how once you have kids, nothing is more entertaining than just playing on the floor with them. Thanks for keeping this blog so current, I feel like I am right there!