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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Parenting Advice at 3 Months

So I thought it was time for me to start writing down tips for parenting for my kids to look back on. I figured...mother of two = parenting expert!

From Birth to three months this is what I have learned, or believe and think important enough to pass on. I by no means am looking for debats and I hope no one feels judged, that is the last thing I want. Every parent is different and many different things are better for each family.

1.) There are no parenting experts! You know what is best for your children. By all means listen to those around you who have experience and education, but in the end the decision is yours and you are the one who knows and loves your child, each and every child is different from every other one in the world.

2.) Take as many pictures as you can and save as much as you want for keepsakes, these days will fly by faster then you can imagine. Don't be so wrapped up in feeding schedules, diapers, budgets and sleep to miss those precious baby moments. Three months feels like a life time, but it is so short, and 2.5 years will be here before you know it.

3.) Babies cry, fuss and whine, and sometimes for no reason. You can't run to every sound, relax. Sometimes you have to put the baby in a safe spot and walk out of the house for a few minutes, take a deep breath and head back to it.

4.) Not every choice is life or death and some choices are much less important then you think. Sometimes a plastic Chinese made toy is fine and sometimes bottle feeding is best.

5.) It takes at least 3 months for you and your baby to hit your stride. There will be more then a few days when you feel like the world is crashing around you and you will never be a good parent. But rest easy knowing it takes time you and your baby to figure this thing out and fit together in this new life and world.

6.) Your children come first, in every way. You make the decision to have a child, you make the decision to put your wants behind them. Though not every choice you make will have life effecting repercussions for your children, but some will.

7.) In 20 years no one will care or know who rolled over late or early. My mother always remembers the best advice my Gramma gave her was to not worry too much about when they do what you think they should and don't rush them. Children grow up too fast on their own, we don't need to make it any faster.

I plan on doing more of these as you kids grow, so you know what Mommy thought about, which was everything! And I want you to learn as much as you can from my life to make your lives easier, but I hope you can understand this and aren't confused by the contradictions.

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