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Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Ironbirds Baseball Game

I always really look forward holidays, 4th of July is one of those that I love! Aside from fireworks, cookouts and summer fun I treasure the pride I feel at knowing I a free American and those words mean more then I could ever type here.

This year I made matching outfits for the kids. I want them to always feel special, in one of a kind special holiday cloths.

This year for 4th of July we went to the local minor league baseball game, the Ironbirds, we have gone often and my parents have season tickets and have for 10 years! We got special event tickets with a hotdog, chip and soda buffet and special seats to see the after game fireworks.

Though we always have fun at the games, the Ironbirds are not a good team, so we spend a lot of the game time at the children's play area.

Johnny LOVED this giant slide! and was fearless going up and down.

We had new friends from church with us, Isabelle is 2 years old and her and Johnny walked around holding hands and wanted to sit next to each other all the time.

The two even went down the slide at the same time!

We did watch a little of the game as the Ironbirds lost, again.

I wanted to get a good picture of Lily in the dress I made her, but the little firecracker did not stop moving and kept running away from me!

Johnny loves his little sister!

Eating some peanuts and cracker jacks! The kids also had cotton candy, deep fried Oreos and a funnel cake....hey it is a holiday :)

As the time hit 9:30pm the game ended and we got ready for some fireworks! The tickets were worth the great view we got the fireworks alone.

Nothing blocked and we had to look up almost right above us.

Last year Johnny sat on my lap staring at the fireworks in awe, but 1 month old Lily slept through them, so this year I really wanted Lily to see the fireworks. She fussed a little at the beginning, but them settled against me and watched intently.

It was 10:30pm before we got home, but we were all having so much fun that we didn't want to stop. We pulled out the glow sticks and poppers and had a little extra crazy kid fun!

Both kids slept with their glows sticks that night :)

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