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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Wednesday

I just emptied my camera and found some great pictures of my strange little kids.

This pink container holds Lily's downstairs toys, and apparently is a great cave to "hide from the monster." Lily is the monster and Johnny runs from her and she laughs as she chases him.

Lily likes to get into the cave too, even monsters like to hide.

In the past month since she turned one, not only has Lily stopped crawling and started to walk all over the place, she has also become a climber and the shoe basket is no longer a way to keep her out of the kitchen.

Johnny loves Wonder Pets, and the Wonder Pets love celery. Usually when Johnny watches Wonder Pets he asks for celery, but one day he realized that celery is not yummy and he wanted to throw it out, so we made ants on a log!! Celery with peanut butter and raisins, it was one of my favorite snacks as a kid and Johnny loves it too.

Samantha comes to play once a week or so, and she is always disappointed when she gets here if Lily is asleep. Here Sammi is showing Lily how much she loves visiting her with a big tackle hug!

My mother also recently sent a bunch of pictures from her camera and my dad's fancy phone.

Last week "Jack" got to go to the local Ironbirds baseball game with Papa, just the two of them having some time together.Papa started off by getting him a new shirt and hat for the season! Isn't he adorable? He loves the hat now and every time he sees it he tells me "that's from when I went to the baseball game with Papa."

And of course some fun time in the kids area!

And some cotton candy, Johnny had a blast, and can't wait to go back!

Papa comes over a few times a week and takes the kids on a walk, he loved Lily relaxen in her stroller, feet up and all.
Last week we visited Grams and Pops house from some kiddie pool fun, first we wanted to empty out the pool and clean it out, Johnny was very quick to tell us that he was a big boy and he could help us, so he did.

He also wanted to fill it up, and had as much fun filling it as he did playing in it.

And then a little later, Johnny wanted into the hammock and Samantha wanted in with him.

One last point of my strange little kid, he literally snatched the can of green beans off the counter and ran into the living room to eat them, right out of the can cold!

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