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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Excited and Scared

We receievd official word this week that our family will be moving the Fort Stewart Georgia in February of 2012!! We are very excited for this new possibility of new adventures, but we are scared of leaving friends and family here in Maryland.

Although this blog as been pretty inactive in the past year it will become more active as we move away and loved ones left behind will want to stay involved and up to date. I won't have a choice but to update, so fingers crossed that I will :)

With the move and Christmas we are all pretty revved up and everyone is happy and healthy. Lily is using a lot of words, including "please please" when she wants something. Johnny is asking questions and figuring things out like the very intelligent little boy he is. We are all very happy and looking forward to the holiday season.


Jen said...

You won't be far from me! We will have to get together! If you drive past my area on the move, you are more than welcome to crash with us!

Oran Mor said...

Sad to see you go. There will be a big hole in that gaggle of grandkids. But Georgia is not so far away. Best wishes, and hope to see you at Wisp this Christmas. Let's get some skis on those kids!!