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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Really Cute Dennison Babies

Grams and Pops are amazing Grandparents. There is nothing more important to them then these 6 little children. They spend their days watching Samantha and or Lily, picking Jack up from school, helping me with anything, and their evenings are filled with special time with Ella, Wyatt, or Piper, planning holidays, hosting holidays, creating special moments and memories and now preparing to be foster parents! They have no "free" time, but I know they wouldn't have it any other way!

Hey Johnny hold on to your sister... and he does :)

Six little sweeties all in a row. Ella 7 years, Jack 3.5 years, Wyatt 2.9 years, Samantha 2.5 years, Lily 18 months, Piper 13 months.

Some times kids will be kids!

And some times they will be perfect! All those beautiful babies, cousins, sisters, brothers and all are friends!

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