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Saturday, April 28, 2012

4 Years

4 years have simply flown by! One day he is toddling around our living room table and the next he is running about counting to 20 and singing his ABCs like it is nothing.

Johnny boy has gotten so big! He is just over 50 pounds and about 44 inches.  He is fitting snugly into size 5T pants and shirts, but size 12 shoes (he has fat feet like his Daddy.)  He is already into some 6s and I don't think it will be long until we have to replace all of his cloths again.

There is nothing he likes more then his "sqwishy" his stuffed animals.  He cuddles with them, sleeps in a bed over flowing with them, and makes them talk and play and imagines that they are always in some sort of trouble.  This year Daddy got him the elephant from the Disney store, just because he thought Johnny would like it.  Mommy got him the lion, Nala, they day we took Daddy to the airport.  We just love the way his face lights up when he gets a new sqwishy and how he carries them around loving on them.

Johnny also loves animals, the out doors, and adventures.  Mommy and Daddy got Johnny these adventure tools so he can better explore the world.  One of his favorite things to do is take nature walks, finding each animal and bug and wanting to know everything about it.  He loves to catch bugs and collect rocks, he could tell you things even I don't know! But his favorite thing to do on nature walks is to pick up trash! He finds it all and will not move on until every piece of trash is found, in fact he picks up trash were ever he is!

This octopus has special meaning this year.  Grandma Sharon and GG got it for him for his birthday from the Zoo we visiting while in Chicago.  He saw it and wanted it so much and it did not take but a few  minutes of for Grandma to give in to him! That is what Grandmas are for.

This is the picture of who he is best this year.  He is goofy! He is fun and he loves to be crazy.  He seems to have never ending energy and never stops moving, even while he sleeps.  He has a good heart and is always doing things for his sister and cousins.  He cares for those who are crying and just wants to help.  As a 4 year old he does not listen very well, sometimes seems to ignore directions he has been given, or even argues slightly sometimes.  

As of this post Daddy has been in Texas, preparing for his deployment, for 5 weeks.  5 weeks since Johnny has hugged his Daddy.  This has been hard on him and he acts out a little, pees his pants, is jealous of Mommy and Grams when another child is getting attention.  He has started to talk more in one word sentences ("drink drink" ) and crying out loud and hysterically when he is upset.  He is easy enough to calm down and time out and correction is effective enough to fix the problem.  But I can see in him a slight sadness, he misses his Daddy.  He has a pair of camoflouge shorts that he calls his "Daddy shorts" and puts them on every chance he gets! He also carries around his Daddy Doll all day long and sleeps with it every night.  

Johnny is growing fast and strong, I am proud, as always, to be his Momma!

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Grams said...

He is such a wonderful young man. I love being able to tuck him back into bed and kiss his sleeping face before I go to sleep every night. He looks so much like his Uncle Tommy but is definately his own person.