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Sunday, June 3, 2012

It can not have really been 2 years!

I guess it it something I have to accept, Lily Jean is two years old, officially NOT a baby!  It is not fair how fast the time goes by.  What a two years it has been and what a wonderful little girl my baby has grown into.

She has such spirit! She laughs easily and smiles constantly, she brightens up a room by running into it wildly! And is so easily excited by those she loves and anyone who as spent any time with her is left with a perment memory of her out going manner.  

Lily is a two year old and that brings with it what it always does.  She is always testing her limits and time out is a regular part of our day.  She did not want to listen for her pictures and ran around attaching her self to Mommy, Grams or Papa, in order to not get her picture taken.  It took two sessions to get these pictures, and one lolly pop or "Pop Pop"

She is like her brother and loves running around and chasing games.  She has not taken to to much TV or sitting still for that matter.  But she does like Mick Mouse Clubhouse and "Ninnie Nouse" is her favorite!  She also loves to color and eat the markers, she often leaves a coloring session with a blue or green mouth and nothing on her paper.

Lily Jean is very sturdy and rough and touble kind of girl.  Even though she spends her days in pink dresses and giant bows she also spends her days rolling in the dirt and being a bully.  She is learning about pushing and hitting and grabbing what she wants, she has the strength to accomplished pretty much anything.  She is also stubborn and demanding and is at that in between baby and toddler stage were she is still crying when she is upset, even though she could use her words.

Her favorites right now include any food and "emodaid" which is lemon-aid. She wants to cuddle only when she wants to, but especially when she does not feel good.  She spent the week before her birthday suffering from croup and we spent two late nights in the ER getting steroids to shrink her airway down.  But she spent that week in my arms and little were else.  It was nice, but not always easy, and no mom wants to see her baby so uncomfortable..  

There is always so much to say about the blessing of my life and I could talk for hours about how amazing they are.  Lily has brought so much personally to our lives, she is just adorable in every way!

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