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Friday, August 17, 2012

Project Friday, Back to School

I guess I should start this week's post by saying that I have yet to finish any project I have listed on here yet, What dose that say about me? This week each of these project MUST be finished THIS WEEK!!!

School starts next week! CRAZY right? yea, crazy! I can't believe summer is nearly over.  Johnny went to PreSchool last year at a local YMCA, but this year he is moving on up.  Johnny will be in our local public school system going to half day PreK!!! We are all super lucky to have a teacher in our family.  My brother teachers Kindergarten at a local Title 1 school.  He always works his butt on for his students and his God son is no different.  Johnny gets to go to the same school that Uncle Tommy teaches at!  

One of my projects for this week is crayon roll ups for Uncle Tommy's class room. Each one of his kindergarten students will have there own special crayon roll up!

I am also knitting Johnny a special sweater vest for his first day of school.  My mom once told me it is important for kids to look special for school so that the teachers can see that this child has involved parents.  The first day is extra special since this is the first real interaction the teacher will have with the student.  My mom always had special cloths for us on the first day and I LOVED it!!

As an extra I am also planning on sewing some teacher themed totes for the kids to take to their teachers full of tissues and disinfectant wipes for the year.  

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