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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

12 Weeks, Ultrasound and Screening

I am not sure what this one is, but that baby sure is cute!

See baby head, chest and arm? You kinda have to look close.

There he/she is...laying flat in Mommy's belly with his/her feet up in the air and little arms curled in tight!

Today I got to see our baby...looking like a real little person! He/she played with toes and had the hiccups!!! It was really amazing.

The screening today was to look closely at the baby's spine and some of my blood work to see our risk for certain birth defects. The dr and tech didn't say much to me about the results, which I took as a good sign. We will know in a week or so. But I have little fear (there is always some fear) about the results. No matter what I am carrying this baby and having her/him.

I was just so relieved to see the little heart beat and to see our baby move around inside me! It was an amazing and overwhelming experience. Lately it has been hard to accept that there is a baby on the way. I know I feel sick, I know I am pregnant...but I don't feel like I did with Johnny, connected to the baby. I am never not thinking about it, but at the same time reality is just that I feel sick and can't drink or eat certain things, having a baby, another child hasn't really hit home yet, but today helped...a lot! all of a sudden the tiredness and sickness was gone (or at least didn't matter) and a real little person was inside of me and became center stage. I think about what double stroller we will get, how we will rearrange the extra room, or what crib we will use...car seats and bottles...but it is still all very distant...the baby in general is very distant, but seeing it move and watching the heart beat really helped bring it a little closer.

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Jen said...

I love seeing ultrasound pictures! I really like my double Combi Stroller. It is the side-by-side. I chose this one so that they could both see out, there would not be one pulling the hair of the hair, when they both were old enough they could get in and out pretty easy. It is really easy to push and fits through standard doors. You can always find good deals on them and on craigslist!