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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas has started

I am so sorry I haven't done a very good job keeping up with this blog lately :( But now that we are 14 weeks into this pregnancy I am starting to slowly feel better and getting back on top of the things that I should. I am determined to do the back log blog posts this week including our trip to Michigan at the beginning of November, our family trip to Deep Creek the week end after that and Thanksgiving! Be prepared for blog overload this week.

But Today is all about starting our Christmas season. The past few years have been so strange for us, in 2007 I was pregnant and living with my parents while Shawn was in Iraq and last in year we were again living with my parents while we transitioned to live in Maryland. My parents are amazying people who always have made Christmas come alive for me, but this year it is wonderful for the Bransons to have their own Christmas. We are starting new traditions and celebrating as much as possible.

Yesterday we went with Grams, Pops, Aunt Natnie, Uncle Tommy, Ella, and Sam to Applewood farm to cut down our own Christmas Tree! Johnny has had an iky nose and needed a nap and then had a poopy right in the middle of the field, so he didn't enjoy it as much I would have liked him to, but it was still a good time all around.

All ready to go, that is my Christmas Monkey!

Johnny's favorite part of the day, feeding the goats right out of his hand!

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