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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grams Minus an Appendix

It has been a strange day and we are all happy that the end of the day has come. This morning Grams started to vomit excessively and started having very bad pain in the side of her abdominal. Eventually in early afternoon Pops took her to the ER since the pain became unbearable. Immediately we all thought of appendicitis and a CT scan confirmed it.

Around 5:30 this evening they took her appendix out. The surgeon said it was great that they did it and got there just in time and before it ruptured. Before the surgery her white blood cell count was very high so they will be keeping her until Thursday to make sure she gets a full round of heavy antibiotics. She got settled into a shared room and Pops and I left her at 8 pm for the night. (new flu regulations will only let visitors between 12 pm and 8pm and NO one under 12, which means to grandchildren to visit) But her nurses all seem very sweet and attentive and she seemed as comfertable as she could be.

She was in good spirits and just kept saying how stupid it was and how strange it all was, and asking about the grandkids and her facebook farmville.

But she is healing GREAT and we all expect a quick recovery. Call me for more details or her room number, I am sure I am leaving something out, sorry.


Oran Mor said...

Wow! You never know how a day can turn things around. Good thing Tom took you to the ER, huh? Our prayers are with you both for some speedy recoveries.

Oran Mor said...

Woops. How did I get to your blog, Jen? I thought I was leaving a comment for Kathy. How are you feeling these days? The docs are lovin' your folks this year--some major Porsche payments coming in.It nevers rains but it pours. That saying is so true. Anyway, our prayers are with you all.

Mimi said...

I'm so glad Mom is ok!!!
She is my blogging friend!!!!
Very scary though!!!!
tell her HI!!!!