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Friday, February 5, 2010

24 Weeks and 4 days Pregnant

Lily's come home dress...isn't it darling? Grams found it on Ebay!! It is perfect because it is nice and small on the top but flares beautifully! Mommy is going to make a sweater, cupcake hat, booties and a blanket! all in pure white and soft pink!!!

We are going along nice and smooth. Almost in the third trimester, but sometimes Mommy feels like we are already there. Mommy is pretty tired and sore, but Lily is having a grand time in my belly, flipping and kicking A LOT! It is very comforting to feel her, but it also makes the times she isn't moving more stressful. We had our monthly OB apt yesterday and again everything is beautiful!!! Mommy's uterious and weight gain are perfect and Lily's heartbeat is "beautiful" (exact word used by the midwife.) Another blessedly uneventful month! Asides from heartburn, cramps, strange gas pain in my shoulder, some crazy emotions, and a general lack of energy everything is going wonderfully!

We have been nearly stuck in the house for 4 days with the big snow storm that hit this past week end and the other one that is going to hit today and tomorrow. Luckily Mommy is having a nesting and energy surge so a lot has been getting cleaned up and moved around. Though I am still have panic attacks that she is going to be here any minute and we are not nearly ready! I wonder if we ever really will be ready? At least at some point in the next 3 months we can clean out and paint her room!!

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Grams said...

I can't wait to meet this little girl!