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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Making Cookies

We had our special day with Ella today! So we decided to make cookies! Ella always loves to make cookies and so do I. Some of my favorite memories are of making cookies with my Mom and I love to share that with the special kids in my life.

Ella loves mixing the cookies, but Johnny just loved watching the ingredients mix together.

Aren't they cute?

Wow is she old!!

Johnny's favorite part of making cookies is eating the cookie dough, in this case banana peanut butter cookie dough makes it even better.

He cleaned his mixer CLEAN!

Ella was disappointed that she couldn't cut out and decorate the cookies, she wasn't interested in eating them, if she couldn't decorate them...but Johnny was very excited.

I think the no sugar semi healthy peanut butter and banana cookies turned out pretty well...so did Shawn.Here is the book that gave us the great receipt for our kid freindly family bonding cookies. I LOVE this board book, full of get tips and fun cookies!


Grams said...

AWWWW.I love making cookies with you too. I'd love to try these. MOM

Jen said...

I want that book!