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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Preparing with 3 Months to Go!!

The nursery is officially painted!!! I am not sure how well you can see the paint color with the pictures but trust me it is beautiful and I am very happy with it! The paint color we choose was actually called "sweet baby girl." It is all a little more clique then I normally like, but I can't picture anything being more perfect for our Lily. The rocking chair is the one my mom rocked me in as a baby! My mom also plans on making some white tie back curtains to go over this one.

Her room from the door way.

Some signs I forgot I bought from Micheals a while back. I was trying to stick with stark white and pink in the nursery, so we might save these for her, but we will see once the bed and everything else gets in the room.

Now Mommy gets to use her nesting energy and organize all of the stuff we have been buying and the stuff from Samantha and Ella and Johnny. I am really excited!!! Shawn won't let me stay in her room since he says it still smells too strongly of the paint.

so I guess I will have to finish organizing all of Johnny's cloths from the last two years.

Johnny is spending tonight and probably tomorrow night with Grams and Pops, of course he is having a great time, it is always so exciting for him to go over there. He spent today over there so Mommy and Daddy could get Lily's room painted and his room really clean and tomorrow Daddy is having his orthoscopic knee surgery, so Johnny will continue to get some extra time with Grams and Pops, but I am getting some great reports that he is behaving himself and being curious and sweet.

Here is the sleeper Mommy came home from the hospital in, in Germany in November of 1984! We are going to take it the hospital with us for Lily to wear there, since she has her own extra special come home outfit. This is just one of the many outfits I found in my keepsake boxes this afternoon!! It is so exciting to have these items that where once mine and can now be hers and maybe one day her daughter's!

We have so many ideas for Lily's room and now they can all start to come to life, since everyday I am reminded that we are getting closer and closer to May 28th!

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Grams said...

I can't wait to see it in person. I guess I better order that bassinet for her now :)