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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mommy is All Ready

We are all set here for our big birthday boy to have a fantastic day!

Some special balloons and the banner Mommy made last year! Something for him to have each year.
Here are his presents from Mommy, Daddy and Lily...The big Mega Block table is something we had wanted to get him for some time now! There is also a duffel bag of 500 Mega Blocks, an Elmo's World computer game, 3 Land Before Time movies, and some St. Patrick's day books all from Mommy and Daddy. Lily got her brother two books about being a big brother and Mommy being pregnant, isn't she thoughtful?

Here is the hoodie Mommy knit. Each year he gets a Mommy knit sweater just like when he was born! And each year Mommy gets better at knitting them!

And a special ribbon to wear so everyone knows that it is his special day!

Daddy has his alarm set to wake up and make us choclate chip pancakes before we head out to the Museum, YUM!

Speaking of presents and family, here is Johnny's very first second birthday present! His Step 2 Roller coaster from Grams and Pops! They gave it to him early at their house because the box was huge and impossible to hide. I love that he got to play with it there with Ella first...she showed him how to do it all by himself!

SO much fun! This thing really is amazing! He doesn't just ride it, he likes to put his "friends" on it and send them down too!

Here we have it set up in our hallway at home, he likes to have pillows waiting at the end...I am not sure why though. Thank you Grams and Pops as usual you have gone above and beyond and Johnny is so lucky to have you in his life!!

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Grams said...

What a lucky boy! or are WE the lucky ones?