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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Playing Godzilla

Daddy has been home on convalescent leave for almost two weeks now and it has been like heaven for Johnny! He is always grabbing Daddy's finger saying "play play play." Daddy limps there and they play. Daddy has been a real trooper and his knee is healing very well!

Another thing that has taken hold this week has been dinosaurs, Johnny has always liked them, but for some reason he has just clung to them this week. Every once in a while he will just say "inosour roooooar" then laugh and run away. We watch a new show called Dinosaur Train on PBS, which is really cute and full of really dino info!

This morning Daddy was teaching Johnny to play Godzilla. They would set up tall block towers then take the Godzilla action figure and count down till Johnny could knock them down with Godzilla. Daddy says it lets him do the crazy two year old things he has been leaning towards lately, but in a controlled manner....Mommy thinks Daddy like to smash as much as Johnny does.

Johnny helping Daddy set up the helpless town of blocks.

For added realism they added Little People and cars.

And here is the main event!

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