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Sunday, March 21, 2010


I spent two weeks stressing myself out about this party, but in the end it was so so so much fun!

All set up and ready to go! Our dinning room turned into party central with green fruits and green veggies, cookies, green M & Ms skittles and green Peeps! UMMMM

As our friends and family started to arrive everyone settled in nicely and just started to play.

The Roller Coaster in our hallway was a great point of interest and all ages loved it. Here Ella was playing with her new friend, our neighbor Aidan.

Uncle Tommy got a chance to show Sammi Godzilla and dinosaurs and she was very interested. Godzilla's tail was very yummy.

Once everyone was in Mommy tried to follow her organized schedule of party fun and do our craft, decorating liners that fit into travel mugs (that actually where not dishwasher or microwave safe) The kids liked it, but the call of such a beautiful day outside and all the great toys around ment Mommy should not have bothered with a craft, but it was still lots of fun!

Yes that is Johnny in a full tux for his special day! SO adorable! But we are doing pictures in this tux on Monday, so Mommy wanted to get it off of him before the real playing began.

While Mommy got Johnny changed Daddy brought out the bubbles (which where not in Mommy's schedule of party fun, but it was so beautiful outside) and this ended up being the main event of the day!

Johnny knew what was going on while Mommy dragged him around the house getting his cloths and diaper changed, he was yelling out "BUBBLES, BUBBLES, BUBBLES!" so finally he got to join the fun, in an outfit he was free to get as messy as he wanted.

and oh did they have fun, for over an hour this entertained them!

Even when the older kids lost interest, Johnny and Wyatt could not be deterred.

He just gets cuter!

With the older kids outside, our youngest guest was inside enjoying some pretzels and yogurt, but I couldn't help myself, this picture is too adorable.

Grams and Pops and their grandsons. I have three good shots of this pose and in each one Johnny is looking a different way, none of those ways are forward!

Then the silly string came out and that was great fun!!

Somehow Papa found himself as the center of the attacks, poor Papa!

So while the big kids where attacking Papa, Johnny and Wyatt where just running, and Wyatt had his first big spill right onto the concrete, he was a very good boy about it and got some ice and some Tylenol and was as good as new, mostly.

Some love from Mommy and Daddy always helps, and by the way Wyatt will be a big brother at the end of October! How exciting!! A sixth grandchild and a 4th cousin for Johnny!!!

So then we headed inside for some cake! Johnny helped Mommy decorate, at first, then Mommy tried to cover up mistakes with the little sugar pieces. I think it looks great, even the cake itself was green.

Johnny loved it when everyone was singing to him, he laughed and bounced in his seat and then blew out the 2 candles all by himself!

Johnny certainly thought it was yummy.

He is not a big fan of his hands being dirty..."hands wash"

Whatever pain was left, was gone with the addition of cafe, isn't he cute?

As the party whined down we decided to open presents. Uncle Chuckles, Aunt Chel and Wyatt got him this the official Toy Story Bucket O Soldiers and these are great! Very sturdy and just a little bigger then off brand soldiers Johnny loves them!

Next was a special present from the Hart Family who live across the street.

A golf set!!!!!! Daddy was very excited though Johnny wasn't sure what it was, we know he will love it when he learns he can hit a ball with a club.

Then a special present from Aunt Natalie, Uncle Tommy, Ella and Sammi, a Sesame Street book of echo friendly crafts to do with Mommy and a gift certificate to the Bouncy Place!!! yeah he gets to go to a super fun place and bounce around in really big bouncy houses! FIVE TIMES!!! Thomas and Nat always find these great things!!

Now on to a big bag from the Fox family who live right next door. I love that Sara got this green bag and green paper and so did Johnny.

and Johnny was super excited about this dump truck and sand toys!! "open, open, OPEN!" Now Mommy and Daddy need to get him some sand for his sand box.

Daddy teaching Johnny how exciting golf is, Look at my little man !

After everyone went home we laid down and relaxed for a few minutes before the cleaning began. We all had such a good time!! The house was crazy with kids and Mommy got to sit and talk to other Mommas and Johnny was surrounded by friends and people who love him, again it was a perfect day!!! Though we didn't do the sundae bar Mommy had planned or the story time, or the video games, the kids just didn't need those things, they had each other. Johnny is so lucky to have all these loving people in his life, thank you to everyone who came and we hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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