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Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 Months Old; Happiest Baby Ever

5 full months have come and passed since that wonderful early morning when Lily made her first appearance. I am not sure how she got so big or where the time has gone. Just yesterday she couldn't even hold her head up alone and today she is starting to scoot across the floor!

There is no baby happier then our Lily. Her smile covers her entire face and pops up when ever you look at her or say something to her or for any reason at all! She is always smiling!! Her smile makes the rest of us smile and feel her little light emanating out! She also makes the greatest cooing baby noises! SO cute and sweet like she is really trying to talk to us.

Lily girl is growing steadily and is just perfect! She is still in 3-6 month cloths and size 1 or 2 shoe, though mostly she wears the soft leather shoes that are 0-6 month sized.
Her daily scheduled is still loose but goes something like this
8:30-6 ounce bottle
10-11 am - nap
12:30 - veggie with rice cereal and 4 ounce bottle
2-4 pm - nap
4 pm - 6 ounce bottle
6 pm - veggies with rice cereal
7 pm - bath and bed!
10 pm - 6 ounce bottle
3 am - 6 ounce bottle
7 am - wake up
She usually doesn't finish her bottles, but I always make the full 6 ounces and put the left overs in the fridge for the next feeding. She will drink her bottle no matter what temperature it is, but prefers it to be warm or borderline hot. So far she has had butternut squash and aqorn squash, I have pumpkin in the freezer that she will have soon, I plan to put some nutmeg and vanilla in it.

I am getting impatient for her to stop eating at night but she is quick and goes right back to sleep after each feeding. For every nap or bed she still doesn't need rocked, but will cuddle sweetly if I unswaddle her. She gets stiff when she is swaddled and doesn't really want to be held. I feel so lucky, she feels like a perfect baby! The few times she does cry there is always a reason: a dirty butt, an overdue bottle, hating the car seat, or not tired but laid down to sleep and can very easily be calmed down. She still likes her binky and is sucking on her fingers less. Though the clips I make to keep from losing the binkies she uses to yank the binky out of her mouth because she wants to play with it. She also loves her toys now! There are music makers or plastic rings having off of everything now and she raps her hands around them and shakes them and puts them in her mouth. She is more and more active every day!

She still sleeps so well she just passes out where ever she is whenever she needs to sleep. We also learned this month that she MUST be bucked into everything because she is a wiggle butt and will toss herself out of any seat she is in.

Our cousins Mark and Kara sent this keepsake bonnet that is actually a folded up hankie that she can one day use on her wedding day.

Preparing for Lily's baptism later this month.

This is the sweat suit Ella wore when she was a baby! Look at how big they are!

Look at that face and that smile! So beautiful!

So sweet, just sweet!

You look at her and she smiles!

This month Lily moved from her sweet little round bassinet to her crib.

When Lily started rolling both directions we thought it was nearly time to move her into her crib, then one morning I noticed that she was about one inch away from her head and feet hitting both sides of bassinet. Johnny was so good about giving his crib to Lily! He helped put it back together and calls it "lily's bed."

Starting to scoot herself across the floor! Won't be long until she is full on crawling. Also I recently ordered her a bow to match this outfit since it is one of my favorites.

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