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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decorating our Christmas Tree

Today was the last day of our long Thanksgiving week end so started to spread our Christmas spirit around the house.

After the horror that was the real tree last year (extremely sharp needles that feel off every time you touched the tree) we decided to pull out our artificial tree and keep it nice and simple. Right away Johnny was excited. He has been watching Christmas movies and books for a week and has really jumped head first into the holiday spirit.

Our matching stockings that Mommy stitched herself. Lily has a special cupcake stocking for her first Christmas, next year she will have a matching stocking as well.

From the moment we put the tree up all Johnny wanted to do was decorate it! It was driving him crazy! He LOVES this train from Frosty the Snowman which has all the characters and he has been reenacting the movies. He brought us the magician from the Frosty movie trying to pull the hat off, he said he wanted to "see the rabbit."

So after two days of pretending to decorate the tree everyone was naped and happy and dressed up so we could officially decorate the tree!

The hidden Christmas snake is a tradition that Papa started, in order to frighten innocent people not expecting to find a snake in a Christmas tree...the snake was the first thing Johnny wanted to get on the tree!

Lily putting up the family ornament from last year, where she was the tiny teddy in Mommy teddy's tummy.

Johnny got frustrated quickly with the ornaments that used loops to go onto the tree, his little fingers couldn't finagle the loops, so he started hanging the candy canes.

Lily liked them too (yes the wrapper is still on)

But Johnny wasn't sure Lily would hang the candy canes the way they should be hung.

It is strange to see our family cat, Monkey, out and about, so the fact that he wanted to be involved with this family Christmas event was very sweet.

Johnny organised and moved around the candy canes a lot, even if they ALL ended up on the same branch, it was perfect.

Monkey kept coming back and I guess Lily has never really seen him becuase she just went crazy, giggling and kicking and reaching for the kitty.
Monkey really didn't care who was petting him and Lily was excited that he was still.

PERFECT Johnny decorations.

Our prefect Christmas Tree!

The last few years I have really been lacking my Christmas Spirit, especially last year when I was nauseous and pregnant the entire time. This year Johnny has been filling me with me the excitement that I remember having as a child, but now it is my turn to make the season for my children. Johnny has been asking about Santa and is excited to go see him and ask him for "big dinosaurs, little dinosaurs and baby dinosaurs." However we can't convince Johnny to tell Santa he has been good, he keeps telling us that he has been bad.

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Grams said...

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without children.