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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bless This Child

Last week end we welcomed Lily Jean into the Catholic Church and the Christian community, at Saint Patrick's Church i n Havre de Grace Maryland.
It was a fun filled week end full of happiness, family and endless blessings.

Lily's Great Aunt Cookie came up from Ohio for the week end to be Lily's Godmother. She was so taken aback when we asked her that I knew she was perfect to guide and protect Lily in her spiritual journey. It was wonderful to see my Aunt again, though I never feel like I get enough time with her.

Saturday we had a wonderful fall party at a park and pavilion less then a mile from our house. The weather made the day feel more like spring then late fall. We had Maryland crabs, chickens, potato soup and mac and cheese. It was wonderful for our family and friends to get together and swoon over Lily while showing their support for Lily's Christening. Here is a friend from Shawn's office, Vicky, she is a sweet lady who just loves both of the kids.

Natalie showed everyone how to crack open the crabs and what was yummy to eat, though Aunt Cookie decided it was just too much work for such little meat...I agree.

Ella has it easy, her Mommy does the work and she eats the spoils.

Mommy made white cupcakes, in white papers with white icing and white sugar sprinkles, pure like my Lily.

I don't have a lot of pictures from the party since my "photographer" (my good friend Leslie) had a soccer party to go to and my batteries died. But take it from me it was a great party! So much fun! Johnny ran and ran for 3 hours straight and passed out on Daddy around 5:30 that evening, minutes after we got home, that shows you what a great party it was.

Sunday after the noon mass we all gathering in the front of the church for baptism. Aunt Cookie would have held Lily for days! And isn't that dress beautiful? Lily's Godmother picked it out herself, and it was perfect!

That is my happy girl!

There we all are! Sometimes I just can't take my eyes off of her.

And Grams and Pops with the Lily blessing.

Our family, standing where Shawn and I stood 5 years ago promising to spend our lives together and love forever. Lily was baptized in the same church and by the same priest (Father O'Brian) that married Shawn and I.

Something was missing from our week end. Chuckles, Aunt Chel, Wyatt and Piper couldn't make it up from Ohio. We thought about them a lot. Especially during this picture of Grams and Pops with the local grand kids. I feel like this picture shows each grand kid's personality. Can you guess?
Again I just can't take my eyes off of Lily and it is obvious that her Daddy is smitten too.
"From the fullness of grace we have received one blessing after another" - John 1:16

I just love this picture, more often then not I think of Natalie as more of a sister then blood could prove.

I loved standing there with Shawn and Lily's Godmother as we listened to Father O'Brian explain what baptism meant for Lily and her family. We made a commitment for her and a promise in her name.

My pure and sweet Lily being cleansed of anything that could tant her.

I like to think that Aunt Cookie was falling in love with Lily girl.

Listening some more. I adore Father O'Brian, he made this all very relaxed and yet very spiritual.

Blessing for my blessing.

Thank you to everyone to was involved with our week end. Thank you for sharing in our lives and and in the lives of our children. Lily received some beautiful gifts that will always show her how happy her friends and family where to welcome her into this spiritual family. I hope everyone knows how much we appreciate the support and friendship and how blessed we feel everyday.

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