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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Definitely Strep Throat, Maybe New Teeth

Yep that is right, our home is officially infested with strep! Johnny had a cough for the past few days, but yesterday he seemed to loose his voice and when asked, he would tell you that his throat hurt. So after a very bad coughing fit, Johnny not being able to eat a crescent dog (one of this favorite foods,) and Grams suggested it might be strep so Momma took him to Patient First.

One quick swab and a look down his throat and strep confirmed, antibiotics given. We got orange juice and cough drops and antiseptic spray and he seems to be doing okay. His energy comes in spurts, where he will be running and crazy for 15 minutes and then crash. He is being so polite, always saying thank you and please, even though it must hurt to speak. Last night while waiting to see the doctor, Johnny sneezed and said "Bless Me." He is just so sweet and strong with this entire thing, I love him so much. This morning he even went poop on the potty all by himself, then he wiped himself! We where all excited and proud.

The Bransons are quarantined, as we try to not spread this to Sammi and Ella or our friends, Johnny had to miss gymnastics today :( But he is entertaining himself just fine with some Hot Wheels that Papa brought to him yesterday, he carries them around in anything he can find.

Lily is working on some teeth! Her two bottom front teeth are starting to pop up, you can just see and feel the top of them!! I noticed them in the check out line at the craft store this week end, I had everyone in line excited! So she has been a little fussy, but still a happy smile when ever you look at her!

She is fully recovered from her infection last week, however the clinic wants to test her kidneys and bladder to see why a 7 month old got a UTI, it is not normal. Last Friday when she went in for her follow up they wanted to take another urine sample to make sure the UTI was gone. They catheterized her...it was a horrible experience and that paired with the fact that the only pediatrician the clinic had retired, has us seeking approval to find a pratice off post. One of the tests has her being catheterized again, but this time by a professional else where. We are hoping to get approved and get another pediatrician quickly so we can get a second opinion, but from what I have read the test are standard for a baby who gets a UTI.

YUM YUM Teething ring and some beautiful eyes!

On the go again, she still hasn't gotten up on all fours to crawl, but she gets around just fine and very fast anyways. Check out the rainbow legwarmers!!! I finally found an outfit to match them :)

We cannot win, I don't know where all this sickness is coming from...we don't go anywhere and this all makes me want to leave the house even less!

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Grams said...

That bottom pic of Lily looks just like a Jack look. I guess they are related.