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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally a Family Day in DC

It has been a rough few months, with illness after illness, we have been canceling play dates and outings every time some one comes up with a fever. Finally on Saturday no one had a fever so we headed off to DC.

We didn't tell Johnny we where headed to the Smithsonian to see dinosaurs, we told him it was a Mystery Ride on the train. That made the train ride itself an exciting event. Every time we stopped he would ask why and get excited whenever we went into a tunnel!

Lily handed it just fine, no fussing or yelling, though it wasn't as entertaining for her.

Once we walked toward the building Johnny remembered where we were and got really excited! I regret that we waited so long to bring him back. Here he is teaching Daddy about the Triceratops.

Again Lily Bean was just a great little girl, hanging out in her stroller and smiling at everyone who passed her! Here she is faking a smile for the Momma with the camera.
It was like Johnny had been coming to the museum everyday! He wanted to climb the stairs just so he could see EVERYTHING at once!

Moving on from the dinosaurs, we headed into the Ocean Hall. Real tropical fish could have kept his attention for hours.

There she is, she is eventually released from the stroller, but not yet.

Johnny started to get a little tired, so he was given the keys to the Daddymobile (hehehe) He would point to where he wanted to go and then tell Daddy when to stop. I am not surprised that he went right for the giant tortoise shell. It also didn't take long for him to start asking "What's that?" and telling us when he knew what something was!

This was a great surprise that Mommy loved! Seven cases of crocheted sea coral! Over 4000 pieces all donated by crafty people from all over the nation! It was breath taking and very beautiful!

They even had one woman who had done some of the work there with pieces for the kids to touch.

Johnny was excited too!
It was in the Hall of Mammals that Johnny discovered the information boards and the buttons that made the noises that the animals made, he was amazed and ran to each one.

Yes it looks like he is learning about our history and cave paintings, but really he was playing shadow animals with some other kids :) he does a great shadow duck...qwak qwak. That is my creative boy!

Johnny is having some stomach problems again, so after these things, he started to get really tired and ask about going home, so we thought it was time for his first IMAX....3D Dinosaurs! Daddy went in with him, while Lily took a nap with Mommy. Daddy says that Johnny talked through all of it, explaining what was going on. He got a little scared when the dinosaurs attached, but it was 3D who can blame him!

I had Lily wrapped to me while she slept so we went to see the National Collection of Gems. I love seeing the many different gem stones in all the different states. Here is the Hope Diamond. It is in a new setting since the last time I saw it, and I like the old one better, when there where diamonds in a circle around it. But it is still very beautiful!

Lily woke up and finally got a chance to see a few things herself. Shee was very interested by the amethyst, right at her level! But mostly she was nearly part of the display, since while she was sitting there everyone stopped and ooooed and awwwed at how adorable she was!

While the boys saw their movie, Mommy got a special souvenir for Johnny. His very own fossil! A Trilobite, more then 520 million years old.

He was excited, though he can't really understand this yet he knew it was a dinosaur. He really is a very appreciative kid, even gets excited for new cloths! For now it goes on his dresser and one day it will be the greatest gift ever.

He stayed as long as we could, then got back on the train to head home. Some how Lily lost 3 binkies in the museum and train station, so she had to chew on her sippy cup on the way home. It was all less dramatic then I expected.

All in all another great day with our wonderful little family. Knock on wood everyone stays fever free!!

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