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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Growing up I was never left out of Valentines day. Just because I was too young to be in romantic love didn't mean I wasn't loved. My father always had something special for me, a new pair of earrings or candy and even one year my first cell phone, and it always made me feel wonderful. (This year my parents got me some decorative pink pearl jewelry and some cupcake kitchen things, they got Shawn a very nice new sweater and Johnny a Hot Wheels carrying case and some new cars and Lily some puffs and framed picture of them with her.) I always want Lily and Johnny to know they are loved and feel as special on Valentines Day as I do.

We took some special pictures in out special outfits for our Valentines.

Reaching out for Love.

Standing like a big girl! Mommy made the skirt and bow and ordered the special cupcake Valentine's Day shirt.

That smiles continue to take my breath away.

For this picture I asked Johnny to give me a hug! He gives the BEST hugs EVER! Johnny's shirt says "Johnnysauris!"

Yesterday we made some red heart cookies to take to Daddy's work and give to all our friends, Johnny LOVED IT!

When we started decorating he was so careful, making sure that the sprinkles and icing went right where he wanted it too.

But by the time we where done he was having so much fun that the sprinkles went everywhere!

After we finished the sugar cookies Johnny went to bed and Mommy couldn't seem to stop baking, I had fun baking like I hadn't in so many years! I made huge heart shaped cookies for Grams and Pops, and Shawn. With as much fun as I had baking them, Johnny had decorating them this morning.

I also had the kids special Valentines gifts all ready for them to wake up to. I had really wanted to get the dragon and unicorn pillow pets for them since before Christmas, it was perfect for Valentine's Day. Johnny had his first chocolate on his first Valentines Day, but he was 11 months old, Lily is just 8 so she didn't get any chocolate, but she did get a singing book that tells her that we love her more then anything.

Johnny was shocked and very excited! He scarfed down a large chuck of his candy and carried around his dragon all morning.

Lily was similarly shocked and happy :)

Mommy woke up to some of her favorite chocolate GODIVA! and some new perfume :) yeah me

After getting dressed and taking Shawn to work we drove to Grams and Pops house to take them their special cookie heart and some valentines cards. Of course Samantha is with Grams and Pops all day so we took her some special Elmo bows that I made and she showed Johnny where all the treats where.

At Grams and Pops house my camera became too full of pictures and I couldn't bare to erase anything so we have no more pictures.

In the afternoon we took lunch to Daddy at work and shared some cookies and Valentines with his co workers. Everyone loved seeing the kids in their special cloths, smiling and being sweet! It was a wonderful visit.

For Dinner...HEART SHAPED MEAT LOAF!!! Daddy and Johnny's favorite!

Johnny had three serving of meatloaf and two servings of potatoes and green beans!

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Grams said...

Thank you for being such a loving daughter. We couldn't ever wish for more.