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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nine Months

As usual I have no idea how this milestone stuck up on me! My tinnie tiny baby who could barely life her own head is now crawling all over the place and trying to pull herself on everything in sight! Nine months have flown by in the blink of an eye!

Lily Bean remains the Happiest Baby EVER! She gets winny when she doesn't feel good, but she always has a smile for anyone who looks in her general direction. One evening we where on a trip through the craft store and every person who we walked by stopped and commented to her and made her giggle!

She is at a wonderful playful stage, and cannot be contained. She gets around by scooting, low crawling and hand and knees crawling. Nothing gets in her way and she spends her day following Johnny or Mommy around the downstairs.

She hasn't managed to pull all the way up on her feet, but she does regularly get up on one foot and one knee and then rocks in place as she tries to get that other foot out from under her. Last week she was trying to hard to get up that she fell right into the table and bit her lip with her two tiny teeth. Poor baby looked like she was in a fight. But she healed quickly and is not afraid to keep trying!
She is pretty stable when we put her holding onto the table, she likes it better standing.

Along with her two little teeth on the bottom front, her hair has been sprouting out! Still a medium blond that looks red in certain light and is so fine and soft! I can't wait to put it in pig tails!
Oh so happy! I just love that face! She has my father's eyes! Those smile lines that make your eyes so big and happy!!! She also has her father's checks! Those chipmuck checks, that constantly look like she is smuggling acorns!

Lily is babbling more and has a solid "Dadada" though a "mamamama" comes out some times too.
I love this picture because you can see her mouse cons and her "L" bow, not to mention she is giving a hint at her abilities. She goes from crawling to sitting to turning herself around and anything your mind can imagine to get herself into trouble. She loves chasing the broom, no matter where I store it, and she loves crawling down the hallway just to have me chase her. When she hears me coming she throws her legs and arms around like she is swimming and giggles hysterically!

The more I write about my little Cupcake the more I smile. She is such a joy and we can't imagine life without her! Though we have tons of memories from before she was born, my entire life seems like both of these kids are at every event! I can't picture anything without them in it!

She started proteins recently, eggs! And she loves them, she is eating a lot more solid foods and mostly less formula and mushes, just whatever we are eating gets cut up smaller and put in front of her. She has three bottles a day and one a night, but she never finishes them and prefers solids. She has also started juie, heavily watered down, and using a sippy cup. Though the one we use is shaped a lot like a bottle, she just loves to chew on the top.

I just love her!

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